Yucky Hily and Wacky Donny, The Election?

Episode 3: Homeo and Drooliette

Hily, in her campaign head quarters private office suite, was sitting at the vanity applying makeup, this time more conservatively, but with same amount of face makeup to give the appearance of youthfulness. Carefully she applied her eye makeup in order not to look too slutty. Suddenly she heard a crack, like something hitting the window in her office area of the suite. She shrugged it off and continued with her makeup. Again, she heard the same sharp snap, now evident coming from the office window. She got up and walked towards the window. She carefully peered out the window that was 2 stories up from the rear parking lot of the building. There she saw Donny about to throw another rock. Being in the early evening, it was getting a bit dusk and Hilly opened the slider portion of the window and whispered loudly at Donny before he threw the 3rd rock. Lowering his arm, he saw Hily looking down at him. “What are you doing Donny, why are you here? If they see us together, it will be scandalous!” whispered Hily frantically. “I had too see you baby! I don’t care if they see me, I just have to see my honey! They can’t keep us apart forever! Besides, I brought some good grade stuff babe!” said Donny as he bated Hily waving the baggy of powdered morphine. “Com on up sweetie!” said Hily excitedly. Donny then bent down and grabbed a grappling hook and rope. “Step back baby!” said Donny as he swung the grappling hook back and forth in preparation to throw. Hilly back up out of the way. As soon as she ran out of room backing up, the hook intended for the opened part of the window, crashed through the closed part of the window and hooked firmly to the ledge. Moments later, Donny came up scaling the wall and crawled into the office. “Oh baby, I am so glad you came! Lets do this in the bathroom!” said an exhilarated Hily as she went towards the bathroom. Donny followed her in, pinching her buttocks. Oh baby I missed those!” said Donny with a perverted grin. Both of them readied themselves for the injections. Donny started to liquefy the morphine, filled the syringes and handed one to Hily. In unison, they both hit their respective veins together and enjoyed the rush, both sinking to the floor next to each other. After a while, they were both in the bath tub, soaking in a bubble bath, injecting more hits to their respective veins. Then, suddenly, a loud pounding on the door was evident. “Are you in their Hily, what are you doing, and why is the window smashed! Who is in there with you!” yelled Hily’s Campaign and PR manager. “Man, that bitch is relentless!” said Donny, massaging Hily’s exposed breasts. “Go away, get a life!” yelled back Hily to her campaign and PR manager. After a brief moment of silence, large bangs against the bathroom door echoed in the bathroom as the agents outside were using a battering ram to knock down the door….

The solid oak door tumbled over as the hinge screws popped out of hinge jam. Quickly the agents pulled the door out of the bathroom and leaned it against the office wall. “Ok boys, grab her out of there, and get her sobered up and dressed!” commanded Hily’s campaign and PR manager.  The agents quickly grabbed her out of the tub as she started to kick and scream. They restrained her, threw a blanket around her and dragged her out of the office suite, followed by a couple of female agents with her clothes and makeup.  Hily’s campaign and PR manager looked down at Donny still sitting in the tub. “You can leave the same way you came in! If we see you anywhere in this building, we will have arrested and sent to jail, making sure every news team is outside with cameras to take shots and films for CNN! And don’t forget your smack!” scowled Hily’s campaign and PR manager as she  turned away and walked out of the office suite, slamming the door. Donny laid there a while. Finally he got up, dressed, collected his paraphernalia and morphine, went to the window with the grappling hook still secure and climbed back down to the parking lot. Leaving the grappling hook and rope behind, he went to his car, jumped in and drove away.

Meanwhile, back at Donny’s campaign head quarters, Donny’s campaign and PR manager was pacing back and forth looking at his Rolex. “Where the hell is that guy? He is about to win the election and he is no where to be found.” said Donny’s campaign and PR manager looking at his female assistant. “Don’t worry. We have his double, and if he wins, he can read from the cues. Besides, that idiot never has anything intelligent to say. So if he does not show up and wins, we can make sure he says a flawless, intelligent victory speech! No one would be the wiser!” said Donny’s campaign and PR manager’s female assistant. Driving down the road, not sure where he was going, Donny turned off on the freeway exit into the downtown area. He kept driving until he seen some hookers. Seeing one that he liked, he pulled over and let her in. “The hooker jumped into the car and Donny drove off again. “So what are you looking for sugar?” said the bleach blond hooker dressed in and very short and tight mini skirt, and a blouse leaving nothing to the imagination. “Hey baby, how would like to work for me? I will make sure you make lots of money baby!” said Donny with a dirty grin. “Hey, I work for myself! I don’t need a pimp, if that is what you are?” said the bleach blond hooker looking at Donny sarcastically. “Hey baby, if you work for me, I will make sure you are always well medicated.” said Donny tauntingly waving the bag of morphine in front of bleach blond hooker’s face. “Oh sweetie, you can be my master anytime!” said the bleach blond hooker as she tried to grab the bag of morphine from Donny. “Not so fast baby! First you have to prove your worth to me, then you can have all you want!” said Donny as he pulled into a seedy motor inn. “You got it sweetie! I am your slave!” said the bleach blond hooker as the both climbed out the car to head towards the motor inn office.

In side the motor inn office, as Donny filled out the check-in card and paid the innkeeper, on the flat screen TV, CNN showed the results of the election, declaring Donny as the winner. As the CNN clip zoomed into Donny’s double reading his victory speech, the innkeeper handed Donny the key to his suite. Donny escorted the bleach blond hooker out the door towards the room. “What is your name baby?” asked Donny grabbing the hookers buttocks. “Trixie sweetie!” said the bleach blond hooker as they approached the room. The next day, Hily was in restraints, with her hair all about and mascara smudging and running down her face, in a wheelchair being pushed by her campaign and PR manager. “Where is Donny? Did I win the election? Are we going to my victory party? Where are we driving to?” said Hily confused and medicated with excessive Demerol for sedation purposes. “Don’t worry Hily, everything is going to be alright.” consoled Hily’s campaign and PR manager. “I will take her from here.” said the psych ward nurse as she took control of the wheelchair and wheeled her into a private psych ward room. Hily’s campaign and PR manger look over at the psych ward doctor. “Don’t worry, she will get the best of care. She is in a bit of trauma from the stress due to the election. She is heavily medicated so will not make any sense until she is sober.  They used the Demerol to keep her manageable, because of her violent outbursts at the campaign headquarters. I will keep you posted to her progress after detox.” said the psych ward doctor writing on his clip board. “Thank you doctor.” said Hily’s campaign and PR manager as she turned and walk towards the elevator.

Inside Hily’s psych room, the nurse released Hily’s restraints and Hily stood up and walked towards the large shatter proof window. The room was mostly sterol white and pleasantly, but safely decorated. As Hily looked out the large shatter proof window, through her mascara drenched eyes she started to sing. “Somewhere, over the rainbow.” Hily then looked down frantically in the front of the large ominous psych building in all directions. “Homeo, Homeo! Where art thou Homeo? It is me, your love Drooliette, waiting for you my lost love.” said a distraught Hily as she started to pound on the shatter proof glass, shrieking. “Homeo! Homeo!” As Hily continued to pound, two psych ward attendants in white uniforms restrained Hily’s arms as the psych ward nurse injected a dose of more sedation into her upper arm. Slowly and surely, Hily sank down like a limp rag doll as the attendants dragged her to the bed, strapping her down while the nurse covered her with a quilt. The attendants left the room, followed by the nurse as she switched the lights out and closed the self-locking door.

To be continued? May be…

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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