3-60’s Beatniks in Granny Boots

Spring-Summer-Fall Episode 3: Hippy Jail Break Bait?

In a bunked cell like holding room, sat Marsha on her bunk, a small cot like bed with a sole wool blanket and small white pillow with no pillow case. The wool blanket was sown into the mattress’s tough web belted polypropylene sides with a very strong silicon thread so that it could not be removed, only opened on one side so one could climb under the blanket, It was lined with a water resistive material, cold to the touch. Mary was on her bunk, stretched out laying and dozing. The door was solid steel with a small glass window meshed with thin steel screen. The room itself was very pink in color, the floor concrete with no other windows. In the hall outside the cell, some yelling was heard in the distance, coming closer to the cell. In the hall, Sara was yelling and kicking while two soldiers were carrying her, one holding her upper body, and another holding her feet, struggling to keep hold of her to put her in the cell room where Mary and Marsha were detained. The soldiers carrying Sara were being led by Patti with a large smirk on her face. “You know Sara, you could make it easier on your self if you just would cooperate. Did you really think Mark would be the one to put you in this cell and tuck you in? You are a political prisoner, and your Miranda rights mean squat here.” said Patti satirically while she unlocked the cell and opened the door. “Don’t tell me Patti? Mark is your boss now? I thought you were equal rank? Must be that Cajun inbreeding causing you to be inferior to the male of the species. Or was it because you majored in Barefoot and Pregnant 101 during your Cajun colleges years?” said Sara trying to get under Patti’s skin again while the soldiers entered the cell dropping Sara on her bunk. Patti quickly removed her gun from her holster and pointed it directly at Sara’s head. “Say one more word Sara! I will send you to 60’s heaven!” said Patti gritting her teeth. One of the other soldiers grabbed the gun from Patti’s hand quickly and de-cocked the trigger. “In here, you cannot remove your weapon. Only we can. Now stand down and holster your weapon or we will have to check your weapon next time you come in here.” warned the soldier. Patti grabbed the weapon back and reluctantly holstered her gun. “You really think you are smart don’t you Sara? Well we will see how smart you are when you all spend 20 to life in the girls club!” scowled Patti as she headed towards the door. “Must be that Cajun inbreeding. See how fast she did what she was commanded by that lower ranked, male? Be sure you run and cook up some chicken and grits for Mark now! Hurry!” said Sara in retaliation, now standing and folding her arms. Mary was still dozing, Marsha was giggling, as the two soldiers chuckled. Patti froze in her tracks at the threshold of the door, with her hand on her holstered gun, but removed her hand and walked out of the cell followed by the two soldiers where one stopped to close the door. “Please lock this place down with camera surveillance and secure the alarms, then you are both relieved.” commanded Patti while locking the cell door with the key then storming out of the holding area. “Yes sir.” said both the soldiers in unison.

Later that night, Mary was sleeping soundly in the same position, Marsha was undressed to her under garments and top, neatly tucked under the blanket sleeping soundly. Sara was laying on the bed staring at the ceiling. It was dark in the cell being controlled with automated lighting, now being off, excepted for the little light filtering into the cell from the small glass window on the cell door. Then the hall light went out, making it pitch black in the holding cell. Sara heard the transformer humming that was slight and constant  whir down to silence. Outside the cell, where it was now pitch black, was a slight scuffle. A person was crawling on all fours with a black ninja type suit and wearing night goggles. Once at the door, the person, who was still on all fours, removed a key loop with the key to the cell readied. Slowly and quietly, the person inserted the key and unlocked the cell door. The door opened very slow and the person with the night goggles, now crouched on their feet, crept into the cell, heading towards Sara’s bunk. Once the person with the night goggles noticed that Sara’s bunk was empty, Sara jumped from behind and grabbed the person around the neck in a full nelson. The person tried to shake Sara off but Sara had a firm grip. Mary, who was awoken from the scuffle, felt her way towards the noise and randomly grabbed on the person’s night goggles and wrenched them off amidst the struggle and fell backwards with the goggles in her hands. While the intruder was still trying to shake Sara from her back, curiously, Mary put the goggles on. Now that Mary could see clearly in the dark, she seen Sara still on the back of the intruder. Mary also noticed the intruder was attempting to remove the gun from their holster. Mary quickly ran over and grabbed the gun from the holster and yelled “Freeze!” The person now realizing the gun was removed from the holster, stopped trying to buck Sara from their back. Sara slowly released her grip from the intruder’s neck. “Mary, be careful with that gun,” said Sara not moving. Don’t worry Sara, I see you perfectly with these weird goggles. There is a flash light on her belt!” said Mary still holding the gun pointed at the intruder. “She?” said Sara as she felt around the intruders midsection, finding the flashlight, removing it, then turning it on to shine it in the intruders face. “Well, well, what a surprise. Miss Born on the Bayou returns for some revenge perhaps?” said Sara chuckling. “Mary, just place the weapon on the floor and I will note that you were cooperative while Sara attempted to escape the facility.” cautioned Patti staring at the weapon. “No no, Mary, just hold that gun on her just like you are. You are not going anywhere Patti. Take off your belt Patti or Mary will use you as target practice. Now!” commanded Sara in a serious tone. Patti reluctantly complied and Sara grabbed the belt from her hands, removing the holster and other gadgets and cases. “Put your hands behind your back Patti!” commanded Sara. By this time, Marsha was waking up, sitting on the edge of her cot rubbing her eyes. “Come on Sara. Let me go and I will recommend..” said Patti getting cut off by Sara. “Don’t move and put your hands behind your back now!” commanded Sara very seriously as Mary continued to hold the gun pointed at Patti. Patti crossed her arms behind her back, and Sara securely bound Patti’s hands behind her back. Then Sara grabbed Patti by the back of her neck and pushed her onto Mary’s cot. “What is going on, why are you making so much noise? Why is Patti here? Is it breakfast?” asked Marsha dressing in her clothes. “My Marsha, clueless as always.” commented Sara, as she looked through the access cards and keys taken from Patti. “Well Miss Virginia, looks like you disabled all the security in the building. Now it is time for you to lead us to our stuff and our van. If you do that, we will let you go and you can make up whatever fantasy you want? Got it?” said Sara as Marsha stuffed one of her nylon stockings in Patti’s mouth. Patti shook her head in compliance.

Once Patti led the 3 60’s Beatniks in Granny Boots through the hall, out of the holding area, into the interrogation and evidence area of the facility, while Mary still holding the gun on Patti, they came to the door that read “Evidence, Restricted. Authorized Personnel only”. “Well, looks like your clearance will not get us into this room.” said Sara, looking again at the keys. Noticing that the power was on the access portions of the doors in this area, Sara started to look through the access cards she took from Patti. “Oh, who is that cute guy? Looks like Mark. I guess he does out rank you honey.” said Sara as she opened the evidence door then pushing Patti into the room. The 3-60’s Beatniks in Granny Boots peered into the flashlight lit evidence room through circular rose shaded glasses. “Point out our boxes Miss Swamp Puddle!?” commanded Sara as she pushed Patti further into the room. Patti walked towards the area with the boxes. Mary still held the gun on Patti as Sara and Marsha grabbed their stuff out of the boxes. Sara carefully looked for the pill bottle with the Timothy Geary pills. “All right girls, all set. Found our ticket home.” said Sara shaking the bottle, then placing it in her bra. “Safe once again, where no man would be tempted to go!” said Marsha as she and Mary giggled. “Grab Mary’s box Miss Simpleton and lead on to our van Swamp Girl!” commanded Sara. Patti led them back to the cell area. As they closed that access door, the lights came on in the interrogation and evidence area. “Power on interlock restored. Have 180 seconds until building lock down and full power and surveillance restored.” as heard through the intercom with the cell area remaining powerless. Patti led them to a door that accessed the fenced in compound. Sara found the key and quickly opened the door and pushed Patti out in the vehicle holding compound. “Where are the keys to the Van?” asked Mary still pointing the gun as they all headed towards the VW Van led by Patti being pushed ahead by Sara. “Who cares, we do not need them where we are going.” said Sara as they approached the VW Van. Sara found that the doors were unlocked on the Van and opened the rear door and pushed Patti into the van, closing the door. “Lets go Girls.” said Sara heading for the driver’s seat. Just then, sirens sounded and the building came on full alert and lock down. The compound also started flashing warning lights and became locked down as well. Once they were all in the VW van, Sara pulled out the pill bottle from her bra and fished out 3 tabs. She gave both Marsha and Mary their tabs and they both placed the tabs on their tongues then swallowed. Sara placed her tab on her tongue and swallowed. “Looks like Patti wants to say something.” said Marsha as she pulled the nylon stocking from her mouth whilst armoured vehicles and personnel stormed the building, inside and out. “You said you would let me go, let me go, please Sara. I will put in a good word for you. Please let me go. They will shoot first and ask questions later, unless I stop them for you.” said Patti frantically looking at the guards running into the compound area from the building.  “Well, that is a nice offer honey, but I am afraid it is too late! Hold on.” said Sara as the van started to spin, slowly as the bright lights from the compound, surveillance warnings, and flood lights started to refract and infract in all directions as the van spun faster and faster, lifting off the ground. Patti finally got her hands free from the loosened belt and was clutching on to anything to hold on but felt something cold, soft and squishy. As she glanced to see where her hand was, she found she was clutching Sara’s enhanced breast on her silicone doll replica. She let go immediately as the van’s spin accelerated to light speed, ascending  and disappearing into the clear starlit sky. The soldiers that were approaching the VW van were now all standing and watching in amazement. Some of the soldiers got a few shots of the phenomenon with their smart phones, mainly Rhonda. Mark who was amongst the soldiers was standing there in awe scratching his head.

To be continued, in a melded militant, 60ish quorum or another…

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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