Yucky Hily and Wacky Donny

Episode 6: Heavy Petty-Feelin’ Ya

A couple hours later at the international lounge of the Airport, Donny was sitting having a drink waiting on Justin to arrive with his private jet from Canada. Donny takes his phone out of his pocket and dials another number. He takes another drink as he awaited an answer on his cell. In a long limousine, driving down the main boulevard of the downtown section of DC, In the back seat, Mel, with her dress pushed well above her midsection, exposing her black silk panties and garters that held up her snug black nylons, was being smooched and groped by Donny’s double. Her cell was vibrating as she glanced over at the display while it bounced lightly on the long seat, tapping against her supple, athletically toned, well formed thigh. Her eyes got wide as she pushed Donny’s double away, pulling her expensive laced dress back down, and answered the phone. “Hello?” said Mel with her sweetest, most innocent tone. “Hey baby, I am calling to tell you I am visiting Justin tonight. Will be home late. Don’t wait up for me sweetie. I will call you in the morning.” said Donny as he abruptly hung up the phone. Mel sat back with a frown, as she took the phone away from her ear, threw it back on the seat and recommenced making out with Donny’s double.

Back in Paris, in her newly setup apartment, Hily was sitting on the bed in her black leathered stitched lingerie she just purchased from the Paris international airport with one of Donny’s credit cards, reading a magazine, Hily heard a knock on the door, She got up and slinked over to the door and let in the first customer. “Bonjour, je suis intéressé par les neuf yards entiers. Vous avez figuré la reine.” said the distinguished looking gentleman as he closed the door, Hily, who attempted to look as sexy as she could, realizing she did not understand a word he said, locked the door then looked at him through his dark sunlgasses. “Neuf cents euros s’il vous plait?” said Hily in a bad accent holding out her hand. “Oui vous y êtes.” said the distinguished gentleman handing the money to hily’s outstretched hand. “Merci.” said Hily as she walked over to her nightstand to place the money into the top drawer. As she placed the money into her itenierary book, she bent over sensuously, then snapped back straight. She looked at the stranger again and  taunted him over by grabbing his neck tie, pulling him close.

Back at the international lounge in the airport in DC,  the intercom attendant announced the arrival of Justin’s private Jet. “Private Charter from Canada, destination unknown, calling all to board the private charter, gate 69.” Donny jumped up and sprinted over to the gate. He was stopped by the inspection officer. “Are you carrying and contraband, guns, or heavy metals of any kind?” asked the young inspection officer emotionless. “Hey dude, I have no luggage, just what is in my pockets.” snapped Donny anxious to get on board. “Ok, then, please remove all metal objects from your pockets.” commanded the emotionless inspection officer. Donny removed a lighter, a spoon, a couple of unopened fits still sealed in cellophane.  and his keys then placed them on the metal tray on the conveyor belt. The officer glanced at the fits then glanced back at Donny. “Medicinal reasons, I am a diabetic.” said Donny still anxious to get on the waiting jet. Can I see you medical condition card Id? asked the inspection officer. Donny pulled out his wallet and took out the medical condition ID and handed it to the officer. “Please provide you Drivers license for verification please?” asked the young inspection officer. Donny took out his license and handed it to the officer. The officer handed back Donny’s id and medical card then grabbed the portable metal detector and waved it up and down Donny’s body as Donny returned the id’s back into his wallet. “Ok sir you are good to board. I cannot however allow you to take the hypodermic needles aboard the plane for security reasons. Please continue the boarding ramp, Donny collected his effects minus the hypodermic needles and  sprinted towards the boarding ramp. “Please sir, no running up the boarding ramp! Walk please!” commanded the inspection officer. Donny slowed down to a fast walk as he continued up the boarding ramp to enter Justin’s private jet.

Still in the Limo, was Mel and Donny’s double who both were fully undressed rolling about in the back seat, clumsily making love, fogging up all the windows, including the privacy window separating the rear and driver seat. Outside the limousine was the Driver standing by the driver door, smoking a cigarette. As the car bounced back and forth, and groans and moans seeped out auditable from the rocking limousine, the driver shook his head and took another drag from his Camel. An elderly couple who were walking on the sidewalk passing the limousine gawked at the swaying vehicle and started to laugh. “And these politicians are running our country?” said the elderly man as he chuckled, holding his elderly wife’s hand, continuing by the embarrassing spectacle. Inside the car, Mel who was on her back starting breath heavily, enjoying the copulating effect that the springs of the limo were generating with Donny’s double on top of her, in rhythm with the induced motion. As Donny’s double heard the laughing from outside, he immediately became impotent and rolled off Mel. He quickly started to dress in modesty. Mel laying there sexily in her inviting position became sobered from his reaction. As she sat up with her sexy model like body exposed, put her hand on his shoulder in concern. “What honey? did I do something wrong? what is it?” asked Mel in a sincere tone. “Donny’s double pulled her hand off his shoulder and finished straightening out his clothes. Mel immediately groaned in disapproval and started to redress herself starting with her panties and garters.  “You know Darrell, I am tired of you bringing me to the climatic point then rolling off like a premature ejaculating teenager. Most men would at least finish the job. Real men that is, which you have proven several times, not.” said Mel angrily with her Slovak accent escaping slightly. As Mel quickly finished redressing, she pounded on the rear driver side window motioning for the driver to enter the vehicle. The driver got in, started the car and turned on the defrost. He rolled down the security window and looked back at Mel. “Dump this chump off and drive me home immediately!” said Mel now furious as she was reinserting her earrings. “Yes ma’am.” said the driver as he started to roll up the security window. “Don’t bother Rick, leave it down. There is no reason for privacy in this jalopy.  Get rid of this Hetero phobic and take me home.” commanded Mel attempting to compose herself. “Yes ma’am, right away”  said Rick rolling the security window back down to commence driving away.

To be continued in the limo, Jet, hotel, lag or otherwise?

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