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The Septentrional Fredonian and Durango Palisade

World Wall Nascence

The Berlin Wall was a barrier that was built to keep people from East Berlin entering West Berlin and Visa Versa. Because East Berlin was Communist, there were people immigrating to West Berlin to avoid Communist control, or more so, poverty. Communism, “the red scare” was allusive propaganda tool used to control the so called free portions of the world. The “red scare” causing people, once again, to run into the cloak room, and cling to their teachers dress in fear. East Berlin decided to build the wall. Did this wall serve a dual purpose? Keep the Communists out of West Berlin, and keep the Capitalists out of East Berlin? Possibly, was there dual cooperation in this construct? It was a structure that was highly criticised and shunned by the western world as being fascist and enslaving. Nazi-like. But didn’t the free world (in cooperation of Russia *USSR”) defeat Nazi-ism? Hey I thought the Communists were our allies? I guess not. Anyway, History stands as a 1 percent influenced banal tale. What ever the reasons, it was built and then torn down 30 years later supposedly because of the western (capitalist) pressure, more so pecuniary attitude adjustments. Who really cares. It was a symbol of freedom, or so the history books will record, crediting the 1 percentage of society for it’s demise. A promise, or so we thought, to never impose such a structure limiting people’s rights to freely move about the world at their own free accord. Freedom. Yeah, right!

I thought I said Mall, not Wall

Campaigning for the Presidency, Trump in 2015-2016 used as part of his campaign promises, to construct a wall between USA and Mexico. And Trump won this election. Why did he win? Because of the, “eight to ten year North American political theorem”. No party shall exist for more then 8 to 10 years in political power to give the populist of the North America the illusion of a free society’s ability to choose its own power structure.  Not because of Trump’s lame promise to build a wall. However, he is planning to make this wall into a reality  barring all Mexicans to remain in Mexico. Is Mexico Communist? I do not think so, at least not that I have heard. Wait, because they are , let see, what is the term I am looking for? Poor? Yes, that is the reason. Because they are poor. Hmm? Keep the riffraff out of our country. Sounds a bit provincial and snobby wouldn’t you say? Wait a minute? Do we not have several factories in Mexico full of slave labour making products for sale in the USA so businesses can sell these products for the same price they always did but make 1000 to 2000% profit? Ah ok, so we want to keep them poor in Mexico by placing a wall to enforce all the impoverished people of Mexico to work for peanuts so we can keep the American Fantasy alive! Got it. But I am sure that we will allow the Mexican fruit pickers to still migrate in controlled numbers to pick our fruit for half of the labour law’s labour rates per special agreement as long as these fruit pickers agree to migrate back to Mexico when the picking is done. Was this a devised Harvard publication written by some so called genius? Or another genius’s  economical breakthrough thesis from one of the other boorish North American Universities? Or just a bad idea spawned from one of the most capitalistic candidates ever to run for office and win.

Obscurity Insecurity, Labyrinth of Deceit 

Some of the “braver” main stream publications are starting to criticise Trump and his wall of pecuniary cataclysm. Could this be a double standard? Communists cannot build walls but Capitalists can build walls? Building a wall between Mexico and USA is a fascist radical movement that defies all the laws of democracy and freedom. It could also be a way to cut the labor needed to patrol this large border. Once this wall is built, they can cut the US-Mexican border patrol by 70%. Thus, this is not good news for anyone involved and certainly shows the true colors of capitalistic voraciousness and their profit orientated embellishment of our free society (so called). It is not much different then the more prosperous of a particular neighborhood building a brick wall/fence around their lavish home and property to keep out the riffraff from the commercially decimated community.  These extremes are taken by the wealthy individuals or 1 percent of society to feel more secure that you, as a community pauper, will not try and steal back some of the prosperity stolen from the once prosperous community not really so long ago. The balance of prosperity is way off the pinnacle and the richer one is, the more security is needed to protect this wealth. If you had a community that shared its wealth equally amongst the members of that community, then the less security is needed because everyone is “happy” and would have no real reason to steal back their prosperity.

Yes, I definitely said Mall, not Wall. Help me Hily!

To get to the surface of how this thought of equality is destroyed. One has to know all the political systems throughout history. But to be simple, let us take the word “community” as an example. What is a community? A group of people living together in a certain area where all the people in that area have common interests and goals, attempting to live and prosper off the land as God intended after banishing Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Let us take away the biblical sense of this definition and you would have: “A group of people living together in a certain area where all the people in that area have common interests and goals, attempting to live and prosper off the land”. Exactly the same meaning. But the Capitalistic, wealthy, mini-Monarchs and the 1 percent of society believe that the community that is not in the control of the “status government quo” is a commune. What is a commune?  A close-knit community of people who share common interests. But a commune has been marred into negative associations featuring groups and cults like Jones Town and Charles Manson. This idealism is deliberately twisted to make everyone afraid if a particular community is not controlled by the government of our so called free society. And we believe it to the extent that if a certain community is not part of a corporate controlled municipality, township, county or otherwise, then it has to be evil.  This idealism has been imbued into our minds and we, being brainwashed, will approve of this fascist wall being built between Mexico and USA out of fear of reprisal and ridicule unless we pinch ourselves really hard and awake, only to see where we are really headed with this “Jester of Monarchy”. I thought we learned our lesson with 911?

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Shoats of the Dybbuk

Resurgence of a Huckster

In order to survive, we have to sell and promote what is dictated to us for a mere, small percentile of the actual monies collected for the widget or service. If you crafted an item by hand and sold it on the open market, in most cases, you would be classified as a peddler, attempting to get people to buy your stock so you can move on to the next place or town. In the past, these colporteurs came to your town and approached people and business alike to  buy the products. In most cases, the products sold were not made by the peddler and were usually shoddy and uncommon thus produced the necessity to quickly move on to the next town. Products themselves are really not sold anymore. Product knowledge is non-existent. I was looking at some mini-laptops in a well know department store, one guaranteed to be in your neighborhood. I ask several questions about the unit I wanted and the salesperson could not answer one question with any confidence or certainty. I basically was selling it to myself. So why was that salesperson there? Most likely just to ring it through the POS system if you decided to buy the item, which I did not. So why then is this multi-billion dollar company not training it’s staff to know such things about the products being sold? I asked myself this question driving home and was confused. Then it dawned on me. It is not because they cannot afford to train these individuals. It is not even because they cannot pay more then minimum wage, but pay minimum wage because we and the government (puppets of the 1 percent) allow them to oppress their employees. It is because they stand behind their products. Way behind their products. You may get lucky and get a good device or product. Then again, if it breaks in 30 days, you are out of luck because these large corporations only have a 14 day return policy. Wow, a whole 14 days unless you purchase a replacement warranty  which will cost you approximately 30% more at the time of sale. When you ask the sales individual about the replacement warranty, they start stumbling over their words again in a well recited manner because it is exactly what this multi-billion dollar corporation wants because, by the time the third or fourth stutter of non-knowledgeable response utters from the salesperson, you would have already either purchased the replacement warranty or rejected it, in which case the multi-billion dollar corporation wins either way, unless you back out of the deal all together.

Chimerical Wage of Inception

One thing most employers look for these days is people that are easily led and dominated. In most cases, people tend to play along emulating the appearance that they are easily led in order to keep their job for more then 3 months. Most employers, especially large corporations, like to turn over their staff every 3 to 6 months in order to receive new-hire grants and subsidies from the government. Actually, if you look at it logically, you are paying 30% income tax to keep yourself employed thus the employer is getting that tax dollar right back to their pocket meaning you are paying the employer to hire you. The average employment subsidy can be from 40 to 75% of the wages paid out, and in some cases, the government is paying 100%. The government does not care because it is not their money. It is your money. What exactly do employment subsidies solve anyway? What do they exactly create? Nothing. Do they hire more or redundant staff? No. Do they hire more staff so you do not have to hunt down a floor attendant or stand in line at one open checkout while there are 10 closed checkouts? No. They, if anything, will cut the staff to minimum take full advantage of the subsidy and keep the revolving employment door rolling at full speed. Take these subsidies away and the company cuts their workforce. They really do not need to cut their staff and really do not need the subsidies. I say take away the subsidies across the board. They may squabble and threaten. But in the end, if they see a dollar to be made, they will stay open.

Bite the Hand that Bleeds You

We could stop this from happening but these subsidies and grants are not common knowledge and most companies really do not want you as the employee to know because they would rather you think of them as your sole saviour and monetary provider. That way you will work for them in a slave-like manner because you do not want to become another unemployment statistic. This is also because most people are in hock up to their ears and feel they have to take these serf driven jobs in order to pay off all their credit bills. When our money gets thrown back to the employers by our government and from interest owed, it encourages these employers to be more greedy and tyrannical. To be honest, if you are young, you would be better off living at home, renting a room from your parents, and socking your money away until you are 40 years old. Do not be lecherous to your family, be helpful and keep working jobs when they are available. When unemployed, collect unemployment insurance because you paid for it, so use it. You and your family will prosper, and the best thing about this whole arrangement is you do not have to use credit. If living at home is not an option, then rent a small room from a family in a residential area. You will save money hand over fist and when you are ready to buy a house, buy one for cash and do not borrow. Then build your own family. Once you live without credit, it is hard to go back because you can see through the deception. If you are in hock up to your ears and all your money is taken before you even get a paycheck, then claim bankruptcy. Credit counselling does not work. Putting all your credit bills into one payment definitely does not work. So avoid those solutions like the plague. In most cases, credit debts are not secured loans thus can be easily shed. You may think that bankruptcy will destroy you, but all it really does is free you from debt pushers. You will not get credit again for 7 to 10 years which will only serve as a blessing.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Munificent Masquerade Ball of Abject

Corpse Realtors of Plot Housing

Living in a land of plagiaristic phenomena where it is just simpler to steal ideas instead of thinking of an original idea. We have become a society of zombie-like salesmen/saleswomen, pitching our latest and greatest plagiarised deal to sell one another in a desperate frenzy, ignoring everything proper to achieve the chase. We have become walking and talking, trance induced commercialised cadavers for the mini-monarchs owned by the one percent of society. We can not utter one sentence of original thought because of the imposition of the latest ad or commercial that has imbued our site or offended our ears, brainwashing all of us to “pitch” the latest and greatest product or service of the day, week, month, year, decade, century, millennium. So as we drool and slur out the latest and greatest ad campaign whilst lurching around looking to contaminate all the brains in our vicinity, you can bet your unused coffin, that you cannot afford the death insurance policy to obtain, your brain is turning into sewage spew. So as you lumber about in a programmed shuffle while your brains ooze out of your ears, you might as well be in that that unbought coffin because your life is indeed over.

Community Headstone of Compliance

What can be said for commercialism? Greed is the only word that comes to mind. Of all the other systems in this world, capitalism seems to depend on domination and pecuniary take over. In basics, it is no more worthy of a community’s consideration then dictatorships. Dictatorships tell you what to do and what to think. Capitalism dictates what to do and what to think with pecuniary strings. Thus if you do not want to do and think what they brainwash you to do, then you are free to live on the streets as a vagabond. Squalor at it’s finest, and abundance. Never was there a time where so many are forced to provide perverted entertainment in order to survive, getting hooked on ultra addictive prescription resold drugs or laboratory made synthetic drugs. Mainly because of the downsized industries and conglomerates that have stolen and taken control of the community’s commodities and productions. They started first by monopolizing the farming communities and then, infiltrated the community’s centers (villages, town and municipalities) by controlling the commodities purchasing and reselling, thus enslaving the community. Once most of the community’s wealth and prosperity was conquered or bought, it was game over. I see so many desperate souls on a daily basis and so can any of you. If you just open your eyes and see. The people you see could be you in a very near future. Our hearts should go out to these souls but because of brainwashed induced greed and opulence, we would rather buy lottery tickets and horde our money, if you have any, out of commercialized induced distain of unforgiving wrath. What are we not forgiving? Nothing, because those helpless souls did not offend you as a person in any way. It is the day to day commercial rant you hear that influences this type of evaluation making you, at least in attitude and not in wealth, “just like them”.

Frugal Philanthropist

Charities seem to be a way to make one feel better about being greedy, but it is the wrong venue to take. It is better to give then not to, but if you realized who is really benefitting of this collection of monetary relief, you most likely would not give any money at all. Ask yourself this question. Would you rather give money to a registered charity or directly to a mother of 3 forced to prostitute on the street to feed her children? Most people feel more relaxed giving money to registered charity, that at least 70% of that money will go into the pockets of the professionals that administrate such charities. If you gave the money to that mother of 3 children, 100% of that money would go to that family in need. However, we always say to ourselves, “She would probably spend all of that money on drugs and not her children. Her children will still go hungry!” or “There are charitable food outlets she can go to feed her children, so why should I give her anything! Besides, I feel better about feeding starving children in Africa!” or “She probably makes more money then I do, so why should I give her any money!” We continue this destructive covetous judgmental thinking to justify not helping anyone in turmoil. Even your best friend whose husband just died. You will start thinking, “I wonder if I could get her fridge and stove for a bargain price? She will probably need the money.” or ” I wonder now that Jim is dead will Jessica sell me his rider lawn mower. She will probably sell it very cheap not knowing what it is worth.” Thus if you cannot be charitable to your friends, then how would you care about anyone else in need, other then tossing them a few scraps. This is how we are programmed to think in order to control the wealth, and where charity goes, because the one percent and their mini-monarchs want to siphon off a further percentage of the remainder of the charity that was not absorbed by the so called administrators of this charity, leaving possible 7 to 10 percent that will actually make it’s way to the actual people or purpose of this registered charity. Any charity’s administration are usually populated with wealthy benefactors and/or professionals. Hey, they got to eat too!

Generous Degenerates

From working middle class families ripping off turkeys from the local shelters during Christmas posing as charity cases, to the wealthy benefactors of a whole array of different, cleverly established charities, there is assurance that any charitable donation will end up in the wrong pocket or on the wrong table. Everyone seems to know, but ignores these implications and slumber back to sleep. We could publically protest, but that is predictable and in most cases does nothing. Protesting is borderline aggression because of the potential mob mentality that could be unleashed at any moment, causing riots and mayhem, that usually end up in a violent struggle causing innocent victimization. So it only serves the mini-monarchs and their dragoon induced  flurry of violent control, captivating the one percent of society to spectate in amusement. So what can anyone do? Stop drinking from the commercially poisoned well and think for one’s self. We as a community can turn our back on greed and opulence and take our prosperity back by simply serving one another and not the one percent of society.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Darbie Doll of the Covetous Electral-love Cajolery

Commercial Carnival of Cadavers

Life in the capitalist society is oppressive and burdensome to the point of exhaustion. When we are young, we tend to take this in stride, as it slowly strips away all enthusiasm and ambition, which lays the path to routine and boredom, that in turns drives us to the swine swilled manure scribed brainwashed pretentious programed  commercialised entertainment. Programming that is  suppose to pacify the brainwashed to think they are being good and following the program. This further increases the need to remain in your comfort zone and not venture off too far from the program. Meaning they will control you subliminally where you go even when you leave your house, thus guides you to controlled areas allowed by the programming. Where are these places? Mallwort, Stuperstores, Restaurants, bars, liquor stores, beer stores, and friendly neighborhood dealers. Generally, you will visit friend’s homes, or they will visit your home, but eventually these alcoholic and drug fuelled endeavors will give way to just staying home to be brain honed by a wide variety of programming brought to you by, your friendly regional cable provider, or internet and phone provider. Oh yes, places like SpewTube have become commercial runnels and have the “stamp” of pecuniary approval. Why? Because people and businesses, large and small, on these alternative, self publishing media streams are taking advantage of the residuals and are gladly dipping into the “Commercial Poisoned Well”. Where does this all lead? Destruction of the family unit. As this arduous life takes it toll, the family counterparts are being divided slowly and subliminally. In the days before easily accessible entertainment, for a price, was available in you living room, the community had it’s own entertainment, possibly in a community hall where all were welcome to unite and mingle. Seemingly, this was less destructive to the family unit and families tended to stick together more because the family bond was, in most cases, strong and free of commercial brainwashing. As communities were annexed by commercial conglomeration, people started to compete with their neighbors in a covetous manner, proving the biblical philosophical warnings. This in turn isolates the families of the commercially annexed community. This also increases abuse within the home to the point of separation whereby nothing appears sacred anymore, just an inconvenience.

Chameleons of Perfidy, Eradication of an Angel

Kalie, who is 9 years of age, lived in a small suburban home in a seemingly everyday neighborhood. There were many children in the neighborhood that Kalie loved to play with and the group was inseparable. Because Kalie’s house had cable TV which was rare at the time, most of the children flocked to her house to watch different programs targeted to children. Her mother and father never minded this interaction because it kept Kalie and her sibling happy being the center of attraction. As time went on, Kalie’s father and mother were arguing more and more. Being young, she was not really sure what the arguing was about, but nevertheless, was upset by this turmoil and found solace with her group of friends. Kalie did notice that her father was intoxicated most of the time returning home from work. This seemed to coincide with the increased escalating arguments that were mostly coming from the her parents bedroom. Kalie was deeply bothered by the arguing and at this time adored both her mother and father. As the arguments escalated, the father and mother both decided it would be better that the father slept in the lower half of the home whereby the mother could lock the door to the main home at night, thus opening the door during daylight hrs allowing the father to access the house during that time. Kalie, who slept in a room in the main home area with her sibling, was confused from the arrangement but did notice that the arguing became less frequent. With that however, the father seemed more aloof, remaining more and more in the lower half of the home becoming intoxicated for longer periods of time. One afternoon, Kalie’s mother was cooking supper. At the same time, Kalie’s father came up and into the kitchen. The father attempted to hug Kalie’s mother but the mother retaliated and pushed him away. He again attempted to hug Kalie’s mother only to further infuriate Kalie’s mother. “Please, Hamill, you are drunk. Leave me alone, please!” said Kalie’s mother pushing Hamill away. “Please forgive me Sheela, I am so lonely. Please let me hold you just for a minute.” said Hamill in a desperate tone as he attempted to hug Sheela again. “Do not touch me again or I will call the police!” said Sheela as she pushed Hamill away then moving towards the phone. “Please, Sheela, I love you. We have not been together in months. Please!” said Hamill now sounding more desperate. Sheela picked up the phone and started to dial 911. “Ok, ok, I will leave.” said Hamill as he left the kitchen and stumbled away towards his designated area of the home. Sheela, seeing that Hamill was leaving, hung up the phone and continued cooking supper.

During the next couple of weeks, despite the constant rejections and arguments Hamill received from Sheela, Kalie was visiting her father frequently in the lower level of the home and was enjoying the praise she received from keeping him company. He would buy Kalie different toys and jewelry suitable for a young girl. One of the last things he bought her was a collectable doll in a red bathing suit, encased in a collectable packaging. “Now, Kalie, I think you are a special girl and this doll represents you as I see you. You should always keep this doll in the case and keep it in your room. It will be worth a lot of money when you are older. That way you can always remember your father in a good way.” said Kalie’s father as they both sat on his bed in the lower part of the home. The next couple of days, the arguing started to escalate again. Kalie found her father later in his room in the lower level. He appeared to be in good spirits despite the arguing. “Kalie, my sweetheart. I bought you another present.” said Hamill as he handed Kalie a, wrapped in red paper, package. Kalie excitedly opened the package. It was a red bathing suit, similar to the one on the collectible doll he bought her, and some red lipstick. “Thank you Daddy!” said Kalie looking excited. “Now Kalie, you have to leave this down here. We will put it in this drawer. When you come to visit again, you can try it on!” said Hamill as he placed the red bathing suit and the lipstick in his bottom drawer. “Ok Daddy.” said Kalie, not really understanding why she had to hide he present in the drawer. The next morning, Sheela was cleaning up in the lower area while Hamill was at work. She folded some of his clothes that were strewn about and was placing them in different drawers. Opening the lower drawer, she noticed the small red bathing suit and the unopened red lipstick. Having a look of suspicion, she merely left the objects there and closed the drawer.

Later that evening, Hamill came home late, and was intoxicated as usual. He went up to the kitchen where he seen Sheela left him a plate of food. Kalie and her friends were watching TV, and Sheela was sitting in another chair knitting in the living room. After Hamill ate his supper, he went to Sheela and tried to hug her while she was sitting. She pushed him away harshly and got up quickly. “I am warning you Hamill, go to your room or I will call the police!” said Sheela with a serious look. Hamill reluctantly stumbled out of the living room with all Kalie’s friends watching. As he finally reached the door to go to the lower part of the house, Kalie and her friends resumed watching TV. About 8:00 pm, Kalie walked towards the doorway to go to her father’s room and say good night. Sheela who was in the kitchen cleaning up watched her go downstairs. Immediately, Sheela went to the doorway and closed the door gently and locked it secure, then went to the living room to resume her knitting. Down in Hamill’s bedroom, Kalie seen her father was sitting on his bed. She approached him and kissed his cheek. “Goodnight Daddy.” said Kalie as she turned to walk out the room. Hamill grabbed her arm lightly but abruptly. “Don’t leave just yet. Why don.t you try on your present?” said Hamill as he got up and opened the bottom drawer. He picked up the red bathing suit and handed it to Kalie. “I have to go to bed Daddy.” said Kalie worried about getting scolded by her mother. “Don’t worry. It will only take a few minutes. Now go into the bathroom and change.” said Hamill as he handed the red bathing suit to her once again.  “Ok Daddy.” said Kalie a bit nervous, taking the red bathing suit then walking into the bathroom, closing the door. A few moments later, Kalie walked out of the bathroom in the red bathing suit that fit snuggly around her immature body. “It feels too tight Daddy.” said Kalie.  “That is how it should fit, don’t worry honey. you look beautiful.” said Hamill as he opened the lipstick. “Now come here and I will put some of this on your lips. You are a young lady now and need some lipstick.” said Hamill as Kalie slowly walked towards him. Hamill sat her on the bed and caked on the lipstick to her small lips, over applying to make her seem more mature. “Now, go look in the mirror.” said Hamill closing the lipstick and placing it on the bed. Kalie walked towards the mirror and looked at herself, not really understanding what was happening. “You see Kalie, when you come down here, you can dress like your doll and we can play.” said Hamill as he sat on the bed again. Still looking in the mirror, Kalie got scarred and ran up to the door leading to the upper level only to find the door closed and locked. She pounded on the door and screamed. “Mommy, please open the door please.” Not hearing anyone approach, she pounded again. Meanwhile, Sheela remained seated in the living room and continued to knit, ignoring Kalie’s pleads to open the door. Still pounding, Hamill gently grabbed her hands and led her back to the lower level. “Don’t worry Kalie. I will protect you. Come with me. You will be safe.” said Hamill in a gentle tone as he led her back to his room and closed the door.

The next morning, seeing her father was gone to work, she got up and took off her bathing suit, washed up, and redressed in her clothes that were on the floor in the bathroom. She carefully placed the red bathing suit, now neatly folded and the lipstick, into the bottom drawer. Being late for school she ran upstairs through the now opened door, changed, and ran off to school, not talking to her mother at all. She continued to visit her father in his room and the sexual abuse continued. She finally decided that because her mother did not want to pay attention to her father, that is was her place now to play the role of her mother and keep her father happy seeing when she did go down to his room after a certain time, her mother would lock the door ensuring Kalie could not leave and remain with her father. Kalie was slowly, but surely understanding, and after Kalie started to realise what she was doing was wrong, she started to not visit her father as much. He would plead to her on occasion and she would give in to his request. She felt ashamed but loved her father. As far as her mother was concerned, Kalie was developing a great hatred for her and would only interact with Sheela when it was absolutely necessary. Kalie knew her mother was aware of what was happening to her when she was down in her father’s room, and could not understand why her mother never objected or tried to protect her. Losing her childhood innocence to a purposely locked door, Kalie was maturing fast mentally. After the last time she visited her father overnight, she  avoided being seen by her father for about 4 weeks. One morning, about the time after Hamill usually went to work, Kalie and her sibling were awaken from screams from her mother echoing from the lower level of the house. Quickly, Kalie and her sibling ran down the stairs and went into Hamill’s room where her mother was standing in shock. Swinging from a rope tied to a ceiling rafter, was Hamill’s lifeless body with a noose around his neck . Kalie and her sibling sobbed uncontrollably.

Kalie never truly got over the fact that her father killed himself and absorbed all the blame. She carried this guilt into her adulthood and never could come to terms with these episodes when she was victimised. She began a pattern similar to her father’s alcoholism. Although she managed to put herself through college and was successful, she could never come to terms with her mother’s neglect and despised her mother until her death.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Propagandise Proprieties Temples of Foreordination

Community DisMemberMent

Nestled in the heart of a residential community, where once, not so long ago, stood a temple where the community consecrated their wealth for safe keeping so all could feel secure that their spoils of labor was safe and secure. Slowly but surely, when faith was replaced by greed and opulence, banks and banking institutions replaced the temples and started to charge interest for loans to people in exchange for interest paid for the use of the community’s money that was kept for safe keeping in these banks that once were community temples. Slowly but surely these banks monopolized the community’s wealth and charge them fees to keep the community’s money safe. They still paid fair interest for this use but only to the wealthy, to whom, they would pay prime interest. For the rest of the community, they would pay a very small interest, if anything at all. And if they paid better interest, the average community member would have to lock away their money for long periods of time and would charge that community’s average member large penalties for the access of their money. The government would also follow suit and tax the withdrawn money’s portion of interest as income. After the locked down term of their money (maturity), and if the community’s average member did not need to withdraw this money, they would successfully gain an interest generated portion of this money which in the end would not seem worth the amount of time the money had to be locked down. Not to mention, the government taking their cut deeming this small amount of generated interest as income. In the mean time, the bank got to use the community’s member’s money for 1 to 2 to 5 to 10 to 20 years depending on the term, and the bank generated 10 times the amount of money they gave the community’s member as earned interest.

 Commandeer Accrual, and The Comptrollers of Defalcation

With these large gains the banks generated from the community’s members, they formed a mini-Monarchy for the rich and opulent to prosper, and slavery for the community’s average members to squalor. As time went on, the rich of the community joined the 1 percent and served as mini-Monarchs to provide vast wealth to the 1 percent all at the expense of the community’s average, now poor members. As the mini-Monarchs prospered at the benevolence of the 1 percenters, the average, now poor community members started to live solely off credit because the mini-Monarchs and the 1 percenters successfully stole all the community’s average, now poor member’s money and prosperity, that at one time was measured by the commodity, but now measured by owed interest, that deflates the worth of the community’s commodities when sold, and inflated the value of the commodities when sold back to the community’s average, now poorer members. Now, vast loans are required to prosper enough to pay back the interest owed by the community’s average, now poor and oppressed members, just scraping by from pay check to paycheck. Instead of banks, the mini-Monarchs and the opulent 1 percenters created money stores to further reach into the community’s average, now very poor and very oppressed member’s pockets to make sure 90 to 100 percent of the community’s average, now enslaved member’s borrowed prosperity is re-circulated back to the mini-monarchs and 1 percenters.

Assimilated Pervaded Anonymous

If you cannot see what is happened to your community, it is because we all have been conditioned (brainwashed) to accept this as standard living. Money stores have existed for decades, and as time goes on from generation to generation, the 1 percent and their mini-Monarchs hope that no one will remember how it was and how it came to be, such as it is now, a rich and opulent society dominating the masses, forgetting our rights as community members because we have been conned out of our prosperity for 3 generations. If you are young, then you would except “credit” as a staple of existence and would certainly not be able to dream of existing with out credit. That is a sad thing because it has been embroidered into our everyday life as if it was “the gospel according to capitalism”. The 1 percent and mini-Monarchs will continue to destroy the church and anyone with  faith by disproving the need for spiritualism. As churches and temples crumble, the mini-Monarchs and 1 percenters will shun people that have faith in spiritualism and deem it is necessary to worship money and opulence. Something that  you are sure never to see or experience, because you are the slave to the society (1 percent) that controls your future. It does not matter what faith one has because the 1 percent of society has no use for any of these religions and will continue to tear down these beliefs until no one believes or cares. If you think that this is an exaggeration, then look at all the abandoned churches in almost any community, in any city in commercial corporate North America. Even if you have no faith, you will still be a serf to the whips of extravagance.

Deceptive Eloquence League of Hypnotic Parables

We have all been conned to think the church is the enemy. The church was the symbol of the community. Not the Pope, not religion on a global scale, not the Vatican, not the vast wealth that certain false prophets have amassed through the populist, not the sexual abusers that hide behind the church, not the greedy that have reaped mass wealth from the church. The church’s true meaning is the community, where the community enjoyed spiritual activities that only enriched the community, making them stronger. It does not take a genius to see why the 1 percent of society wants to tear religion down. In most communities, they have been successful and have enslaved the people in those communities to work (slave) for one common objective. To keep the 1 percent of society and their mini-Monarchs idolised as a way of life. However, that way of life can never be attained by all, thus becomes illusive and waning. In basics, spirituality teaches us to rely on one’s self to continue their journey. Ultimately, that is all spirituality is all about. It does not need a temple, bank, or money store. All it needs is belief, and it is free. So if you prefer to listen to that rich opulent artist chant their melodious intonation rants promoting capitalism, greed and opulence, all at the cost of freedom, or that commercial ad about how great people are that buy that opulent, overpriced vehicle, or commercial programming about cops busting the poor and indigent of society.  Then you will never be free. Just a conduit of commercial adornment.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Liegeman In the Orphanage of Non-Acquiescence

Doctrine of Proprietary Philosophy

There more lies in this world then the truth. But one ounce of truth can destroy one ton of feint. This world can not seem to rid itself of the constant barrage of ravenous thought and actions that put a stranglehold on our daily existence. If we cannot share our wealth then we are nothing. Colleges and universities put astronomical price tags on knowledge that should be shared amongst everyone. The internet is a positive stride towards shareable intellect, however, because of commercialism and profiteering, it is being scattered and produced into fragments and pieces of arbitrary, non-sited left overture. What is sited material? Bibliography? To show the reader where the information was derived from. Is it important? In my opinion, it really has no bearing other than making the reader comfortable that he/she is reading something that has been verified before. Like an author of a mathematics book who uses verified methods and formulas to create his/her own styles and varieties of solutions set forth in his/her “original publication”. This also sets the stage for the necessity for one to be aware of the history and hierarchy of information and knowledge which in turn sets a proprietary regulation, enforcing people to go to certain institutions to be brainwashed in the knowledge or doctrine people seek or desire. Usually for money, because that is how we have been conditioned to  believe things work and the only way people can be creditable or credible. The more you pay, the smarter you can become? I doubt it very seriously. But if you do have vast amounts of money, it can be bought.

Diploma of Homelessness

It can be a scary thought when all one really has to do is be from a rich family to get a university education. People do argue though that many people from any income bracket go to university. Yes they do and not without sacrifice. Bottom line is, there are many a street persons with university degrees. Many of them fell through the cracks and you can bet your great grandmother’s wedding band that is in the pawn shop because you had to buy groceries, that a person from a wealthy family that has some sort of degree is not the one on the street. The fact that this proprietary snobbishness dictates what information is creditable and what information is not, is the reason the internet is being converted from the information highway, to the  infiltration commercial sewer. Where the only thing a brainwashed mind would deem creditable or credible is what commercial corporate North America and their bought off main con-stream media says is true or creditable (credible). Once you tear down the illusive barriers the 1 percent of society props up, like a “B” movie stage set, you can see how they manipulate people into doing their bidding. In one word, slavery.

Certificate of the Indoctrination

The internet still has the information, if you scrape for it. You can pretty much find any information you need, but in most increasingly cases, you have to put up with proprietary commercial ads imposed upon you by the mini-Monarchs and the people that allow those ads on their sites, videos, etc. Some people will defend this to the highest degree, but in the end, you will find they are collecting a lot of money from these ads playing on there works. The commerce of commercialism changes how the internet works and feels. Surely I should show some empathy for these individuals, firms, companies, mini-Monarchs that impose this brainwashing spew on a daily basis, hour to hour, minute to minute, second to second, not. I despise commercialism to the highest degree. It has been so overly abused and compromised, that one would wonder where it really started and how did it get so twisted. Greed has twisted its’ intent to provide information where the commodity is available by attempting to brainwash you that you cannot exist properly without the commodity. People that watch TV and put up with commercials every 8 to 10 minutes interrupting their brainwashed entertainment really need help. But to confront these individuals is almost impossible. They will say things like; “I like to watch commercials. They are funny.” or “I like commercials because I can get up and get things done during the commercials.” or “Some commercials really do provide me with great product information.” I am almost positive anyone has heard these lines before in one form or another. If you do, then you really have a brainwashed victim on your hands. Now that streaming and alternate programming feeds are available, some people still flock to the same old mind deteriorating swill series, but now without the commercials. Better, yes but still brainwashing. Because they, in most cases, depending on the series, have one full hour to keep you under constant brain-hone mode, uninterrupted. Remember who ultimately pays for these series and miniseries. Commercialism, brought to you by, the mini-Monarchs of commercial corporate North America, courtesy of the 1 percent of society.

Doctor of Adverse Advertisement

Ultimately, what does this do to the people that reject the programming? It attempts to isolate us into desolation. In hopes that people around will label you into some sort of loose cannon and will attempt to humiliate you back to the program. Thus making anyone still on the program the gatekeeper for commercialism and they will defend greed, opulence, aggression, violence, barbarism, domination, and slavery. And, they will not even know it, only that they are defending the thought process of the status quo, capitalism. Greed = opulence, opulence = aggression, aggression = violence, violence = barbarism, barbarism = domination, domination = slavery. We have become divided, even in our own homes. It is the family unit they want to destroy, With that destroyed, it makes their agendas easier because without the family, our morals and dignities are at great risk. One can stand alone, because ultimately, that is how we are born and that is how we will leave this world. Isolation may hurt but it will make one stronger. People will see your strength because you are following your true life’s path. That can only inspire a following that everyone is equal and able to choose without fear of reprisal.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Martyrdom of the Abecedarian, Impalement of the Unindemnified

Despoiler of the Quotidian Muliebrous, Philistines of the Gridiron

How do they keep us down so beneath our dignities? When and how does this pristine twisted attitude penetrate our hearts and become respected knowledge? One may philosophise that it is the way of the natural world, that we are all naturally, barbaric and aggressively competitive. Possibly. But I have the belief that the ravenous of society are the creators of this stage of vulgarity because they know it is damaging to the human spirit. A spirit that they need to control or crush. How is this accomplished? There are “soldiers of depredation” all around us. We usually cannot distinguish who they are out of blind faith pounded into our brains as children in the capitalist schools of proselytization and, later in life, famed idolisation. Many indoctrinating methods are utilised. But some, are best explained by the “experience”.

Amiss Gullion of Intrepid Torment

A woman in her early 30’s, now divorced with 3 children, living in low cost housing, large enough to shelter herself and children. She was victimized as an young child, sexually abused at the hands of her mother and father. She was married early, at 17, to a physically and sexually abusive spouse who fathered the 3 offspring that she now solely cares for. Being alone, responsible for 3 children, she prostituted part time to make ends meet, filling the void that social assistance failed to cover. She was partially illiterate, with no marketable skills for employment. Easily influenced by showy people who encouraged her profession, she kept irregular hours, and hardly ever got time off to do anything for herself. Although she kept her alcohol and drug consumption in check, she liked to go out with a girlfriend for drinks at local venues to free herself of stress. Being a hockey fan, she could not help but notice, in the particular lounge she and her girlfriend chose that evening, had several hockey players seated at a couple  of adjoining tables celebrating. They were surprised to see the crests on the player’s jackets indicated a professional hockey league team, being that their town did not have a major hockey team, only a minor. Her girlfriend, being more outgoing, got up and walked towards the tables occupied by the hockey team members. Her girlfriend immediately sat down and started talking to one of the team members. Being receptive, the hockey players all raised their drinks. “This toast is for, what is your name sweetie?” asked the team captain, directing the toast to her girlfriend still seated with the hockey players. “Karen!” said her girlfriend enthusiastically. They all drank to Karen and slammed down their glasses. “Why don’t you invite your friend over here Karen? She must be lonely sitting at the bar by herself.” said another team mate barely standing up. “Sit down Pete, before you break your neck! We are just passing through. How would it look if you were injured in a nowhere town like this?” said the captain, grabbing his shoulder and pushing back into his seat. “Come over Darlene and bring your stuff!” called Karen getting snuggly with one of the team members. Darlene, nervously grabbed her stuff and walked towards the table and sat close to Karen. “Come on, honey, mingle with the boys!” said Karen now holding hands with one of the players. Soon, one of the players started talking to Darlene. “Don’t mind these fools. We’ve had a hard road trip and have a one day layoff. We will be headed out tomorrow afternoon. So we are blowing off some steam.” said the player to Darlene. Darlene, although still a bit nervous, was attracted to his seemingly stability and control. “What is your name?” asked Darlene being more at ease. “Joselyn, but just call me Joe!” said Joselyn smiling. Darlene smiled back and shook his offered hand lightly. After a few more drinks, that seemed to continually appear before her, she was feeling a bit light headed. Pete, who was stumbling around, grabbed Darlene’s shoulder. “Hey babe! drink up!” said Pete, grabbing one of her untouched drinks, slamming it back. Darlene who was startled, looked up at Pete and let out some laughter. Being close to closing, the captain stood up. “Come on everyone, bar is closing. we have to go to our rooms.” said the captain finishing his drink and walking towards the lobby leading towards the rooms. “Hey Darlene, come to our room for a drink? A few of us are going to have a small party. Want to come?” asked Joselyn in a pleasant tone. Darlene not really sure hesitated to answer. Karen, who was arm and arm with the other player said “Come on Darlene, I will be with you. It will be cool.” Darlene stood up and grabbed her coat and purse. “Ok, one drink won’t hurt.” said Darlene staying close to Karen and Joselyn whom offered his arm for her to hold.

In the room, which Darlene had no idea whose room it was, assumed it was Joselyn’s room. She was drinking, and was more relaxed. She was listening to Pete mumble on about his wife and the problems he was having being on the road so much. To Darlene’s dismay, she noticed that Karen and the player she was clinging to was no where in sight. Suddenly, Joselyn grabbed Pete and led him to the door. “Go to you room and sleep it off!” said Joselyn as Pete stumbled out the door with a few other players leaving. Darlene, now sitting there in one of the room’s chairs felt alone and vulnerable. Joselyn was whispering to the other players in the room, 7 or 8 team members in total but Darlene was not really sure. “Where is Karen?” asked a nervous Darlene standing putting on her coat. “Karen who?” said Joselyn sarcastically. Darlene then grabbed her purse and started to walk towards the door. Joselyn roughly grabbed her arm and made her sit on the bed. “Let go of me!” said Darlene in retaliation, now thoroughly frightened. Joselyn just glared at her as he went towards the door and locked both locks. “You are not going anywhere.” said Joselyn in a threatening tone walking back to her, standing over her. “Look, I have kids at home. I have to go back. Please let me go!” said Darlene in a frantic, pleading manner. “You industrial town bitches are all alike! You let us buy you drinks and tease us with your skimpy clothes, but when the time comes to put out, you all make excuses.” said Joselyn as the other drunk team members laughed. She got up again and Joselyn pushed her back on the bed. She defiantly rolled off the side close to the door, got up and made a dash to leave, but felt a sharp, blunt pain against the back of her head, and blacked out. She abruptly awoke to a glass of vodka and seven splashed on her face by one of the chuckling team members. Two teammates held her arms and two others held her legs up in a spread eagle fashion while she laid upon one of the bureau dressers. She was completely naked minus the her half torn bra that was now around her waist, and her high heeled shoes, one of them with a broken, hanging heel. Joselyn, who was holding a lamp minus the lamp shade with a lit incandescent 100 watt light bulb, moving the lit bulb now very hot towards Darlene’s open and exposed vagina. “Please, let me go. Please!” said Darlene in duress and fear. “I wonder if we can insert this bulb without breaking it?” asked Joselyn sadistically as he moved the hot lit bulb, now very close to Darlene’s vagina. “Please, stop, please! I will do anything you want! Please don’t!” cried Darlene now sobbing uncontrollably unable to struggle free in fear of being burned as other team members laughed and drank more. As Darlene was almost ready to pass out again, from the fear and feeling the heat of the hot lit bulb now just millimeters away from her exposed genitalia, Joselyn pulled back the lamp back a bit. “Ok, you have a deal. You will do what ever we want and will satisfy everyone in this room. Then you can go home to your kids.” said Joselyn heartlessly as the remaining teammates in the room laughed. “Yes, I will do whatever you want. Just please don’t burn me!” said Darlene still sobbing. Joselyn pulled the cord of the lamp out of the wall socket and tossed the lamp across the room. They proceeded to rape her for what seemed like hours. They left her alone in the room after they were finished raping her. She looked in the mirror in the bathroom after she cleaned herself and cried. She managed to dress with her torn clothes. Darlene left the room, hobbling down the hall with her broken heel dragging, leaving out the rear exit.

She never talked to her friend Karen again, despite Karen’s several attempts to call or visit. She tried to press charges, and told her story to female constables countless times, and they made the report, but ultimately was buried by the crown/district attorney suggesting the lack of the accuser’s credibility and evidence. It never lead to any charges being laid and the story was buried in some basement in some box with other abandoned cases.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Commercialistic Commerce, Contiguous to the Heart Attack

The Rook, the Cad, and the Greedy Thicker Lash, by Ney-von

We cannot escape the ads of compliance, looking at that smiling model fool used for an advertising campaign to sell some May-Bullying or Loather Gur-l makeup, featuring that opulent pop star, or that semi-over-the-hill TV personality putting on their best extremer phoney smile. We look at these people as if they have some sort of mystic message to enlighten us with, but subliminally these ads are saying, “buy more makeup, and don’t forget to buy my latest migraine producing intellectual art CD, DVD, or stream, and don’t forget the Tylenol, or Advil, or Generic if you prefer, possibly laced with some codeine, washed down with your favorite brain shrinking elixir, after choking from cotton mouth from that huge toke of the now legalized brain honing weed of wistful-dumb.” Just think, you can look almost as good as the model in these exasperating ads of compliant-ology, cosmetology. You may even, someday, be “just like them”.

Bloody Scabbed Skin Tracks Nail Polish , by Ramble-On

Who are the new breed of drug dealers? That can be a tough one. We still have Sweet Willie, slinging his overpriced, laboratory made, synthetic crack balls. Or he may sell you some supremely trounced upon cocaine with a mere 7 to 10 percent purity. Try boiling that down. The newest, well not so new, but newer, is  (some of) the disabled from some industrial accident or severe back problem patients selling their excess morphine (Opioids) pills on the street for, depending on milligrams of content, up to $150 per pill. The purchaser (needle junkie) will cook it up via spoon and main vein. Why do these injured people do this? Because they are broke most likely and/or hooked on morphine, heroin and many other drugs. Possibly they see it as a way to make a retirement plan. In the end, these people are responsible for many new breeds of junkies. The worst being the morphine (Opioids) and crack attics (free-baser). Who is the supplier, the source? Your friendly neighborhood doctor! All you have to do is permanently maim yourself and they will prescribe what you need just to get you out of their office. Want to know how to make crack from everyday available over the shelf products? It is all over the internet. Even videos from National Geo-graphite. And, lets us not forget the methadone program, not that we could forget.

Closet Hooker Lipstick, by Suburban Dismay

How to become a prostitute? there are 32 million search results.  Reasons not to become a prostitute? About 4 million hits. Thus there are 87.5% more reasons to become a prostitute? We are in a world that is deteriorating by the moment. That gives you an idea how much swine pen scribble scribe is infiltrating the young minds of our children. Truth is, we keep falling into that trap of closet-ology. We are lured to the things that seem rebellious. That may piss-off our parents, or authorities. However, being a rebel has nothing to do with destroying your brain, body, reputation and motor functions. The illicitness of things are there to amuse the wealthy and the 1 percent of society. Keep you spinning in circles of plunder and destitution. They enjoy watching you squalor and hurt. They figure, you deserve your fate. That way, they can feel superior and justified to keep their amassed, opulent, lavish lifestyle and proliferating bank accounts that flourish from this programmed, rebellious behavior. The idea is to steal your money, your dowries, you family wealth, your home, your prosperity, your future prosperity, your offspring’s prosperity, your offspring’s, offspring’s prosperity. In one simple word, slavery.

Rebels of the Despotic Blush, by Estate Launderer

Rebellion is a good word. However like everything else in this opulent fueled world, it has been twisted into brainwashed perceptions of what rebellion means. It has been twisted because the 1 percent of society does not like it’s true meaning. To successfully rebel is to turn off their constant streams of suggestive, commercialized behaviour and regulation constraints. How to act, what to eat , what to wear, what to listen to, how to walk, talk, and how to be compliant to the so called laws and by-laws of the enforced society that cause your nightly headache that you take over the shelf medication you were induced to think you need to get rid of the pain. Really, all you have to do is turn off the dribble fumigating into your living room from those channels and feeds brought to you by commercial corporate North America and their main con stream media via their semi-talented abrasively charismatic, annoying personalities and broadcasters. If you call that entertainment or information then on the scale of 1 to 10, you are in the red according to the brainwashed meter. To rebel from the status quo, all you have to do is think and act for yourself. It may seem isolating but you will find others that are smart enough to see through these studio props of mind control.

Fiefdom of Proselytized Dupes Eye Shadow, by Low-real

People seem to be waking up. People have their ears to the ground, listening for that “rumble of disruption”. It is smart to wait for others to appear before you make your move to freedom. Or is it? I think that if you change your own belief system, you will attract like minded people. So no need to wait. It is your gift from God, freewill. Whether you are religious or not, you possess freewill. We all seem to be weary of the critique from the Gatekeepers of oppression and slavery. However it is the use of this humility they inflict upon you that makes you stronger. Because in the end, that is the extent of their power. To enforce you to adhere to their bidding that makes their positions of ambiguity more powerful because if you cannot express your opinion in an intelligent manner then really, what do you have left? If you lash out in violence, that is exactly what they want justifying their strong arm antics and marshal laws. If you rebel in a brainwashed resultant mannerism, you justify their prisons and inflated court systems that in the end, just keeps lawyers, the 1 percent of society and mini-monarchs rich, being protected by their dragoons housed in their feudal kingdoms populated with department stores and Mansions of despair and profit. Nothing new. You already know this, don’t you?

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Spiky and Eleemosynary, Vivaciously Quiescent

The Hermit’s Hermit

Quietly the revolt is underway, thought patterns start a slow process of evolutionary change. We are not so gullible as in the past. But there just enough sidetracks of man-made illusionary distractions, that will derail even the most studious of thought. When I want a drink, I do not drink, When I want to buy that  newest and best covet level possession, I do not buy that covet level possession. If I need something and I hear in my mind “you need downy, or Javex”, I look for no name fabric softener, or a brand of bleach I never heard of before. So even though you have been programmed as a child by the boob tube, you can use it to do something other then what your brain suggests. If I cut myself, I will not buy a Band Aid, I will by another type bandage. Why am I so obstinate? Because I refuse to follow the “program” of brainwashing inflicted on me since I was old enough to comprehend what I was seeing and hearing. The prisons are full of people that defiantly and openly challenge the system by breaking laws of control and constraints. Once they are in prison, rarely do any of them get rehabilitated and successfully reintegrated back to society without ending right back in prison for the same or similar crimes. Prison life itself can be addicting and brainwashing, to think you cannot survive on the outside. Institutionalized. And once on the outside again, they usually run into so many obstacles and resistances that cause them to start doing the same things that could put them in prison again, and will continue until they get caught.

Horror Incarceration

The system of Commercial Corporate North America loves prisons and loves them better when they are full. People that end up in prison serve as “examples” to all the rest of us that; “this is what happens to people that are not good serfs and do not follow the “program”. So be a good serf and do as you are brainwashed to do”. Like it or not, you are slave. Like it or not, you do not live in a free society. Like it or not, your daily existence is played out exactly how it is programmed. If it were not, you would be living on the street, homeless and destitute, or in prison being sodomised, or at least that is what they would like you to think so you will try a little bit harder each day to show the system you are a worthy and good little serf. They will tell you horror story after horror story what happens to people that “break the law”, or better put, “break the program”. “Hey, remember Jimmy? He ended up in Stoney and was ganged raped several times by four inmates. He ended up trying to fight them off the last time but was beaten almost to death and spent a month in the infirmary.” Does this happen? It happens, but not as much as they would like you to think. Usually it happens to younger inmates. But that is how it is designed. They know exactly how prisoners will react in confinement with no access to women.

Elixirs of the Slave Procurer

It is exactly how young roosters act that are put in a pen together with no access to female hens. The male roosters will fight for dominance and rape the lesser dominant males. It is a natural reaction when males of any species are confined together with no females, especially in close quarters. Thus, what can the experts say? “Oh jeeze, we had no idea that would happen! No one ever told us this would be the natural reaction.” Yet they have been designing prisons the same for centuries. The only reason they are slightly more humane is because of our so called human rights. But we on the outside say, “Who cares, they probably deserve it anyway.” Where would that type of attitude spring from? From brainwashing 101 when we were in serfdom schools having all this garbage implanted in our brains. Follow the program or else. Scared Straight. Work for minimum wage and after, go to your shanty and keep your mouth shut, unless you are drinking some legal brainwashing elixir found at your local elixir store, while watching your favorite brainwashing episode of your favorite “programmed” mini or TV series performed by usually burnt out or half rate actors. Yes, booze, cigarettes, and soon marijuana, all legal elixirs for brain shrinking.  They tax the hell out of these commodities and sell them for semi-affordable prices (except in Canada being barely affordable) and encourage you to eat, drink, and be placid, all in the confines of your depressing, undersized apartment/home that you pay through the nose for or owe a lifetime of payments for, until you pass out or die, whichever comes first.

Break the Machine with Nascent Thought

If you cannot see your life is programmed, then break the program. Break the routine. The routine you are most likely bored with anyway and see what happens. When you start changing things around you, people still stuck in that system will look at you different and try to pull you right back. You will loose friends but you will see a clear indication that the system depends on compliance and obedience. Once you break these allusive constraints and do your own thing, you will open a new, lonely world. But do not be fooled. Keep going and you will get closer to your true life’s path. It is not the defiance we have to show, it is our true desires to be individuals and follow our own light that has been dimmed by the 1 percent of society. Why do they do this? Because it is your true destiny they need clouded to remain the 1 percent of society. If we all followed this, the 1 percent of society would dilute like salt in a rain storm. All these things can be done merely by thought and attitude. You do not have to strike another or show any violence. All you have to do is control your own brain with your heart, the true house of your soul.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Denizen of Intemperance Aura Dismemberment

Sleeping Wallow

Follow your dreams. Follow your heart. Only words for the privileged of society. Have you ever felt special? The North American Con Dream? We are conned to think we have a unique destination in life. But that is just to con the youth to aspire towards their serfdom dream lives, just waiting for them, all pre-determined by the 1 percent of society. White collar or blue collar, it is all pre-planned, and the system is so cock sure, that you can bet your last borrowed 20 dollar bill you still owe to your neighbor for the last 10 months, that you are living the exact life that was carbon copied out of some economic serfdom ledger held sacred by the 1 percenters in a vault too well guarded to find, let alone penetrate. How do they determine what cookie cutter existence you will live? From the constant brainwashing serfdom schools we have the misfortune of being enforced to attend during our youths. So as you live and pretend to enjoy your cookie cutter existence, make sure you hold on to that cookie cutter job, and your cookie cutter wage, and enjoy your brain washed entertainment after a hard day’s of predetermined  work load that seems to get bigger and bigger as our fictitious labor laws seemingly start to deteriorate before our brainwashed eyes.

Wakeup Call, Anyone?

I have truly come to believe that there is hardly anyone that can see through this rubbish they call freedom. If you do not believe me, try talking to someone and challenge their brainwashed, predetermined views. They will defend their serfdom lives to violent outbursts of predetermined responses they were brainwashed to utter if their predetermined, cookie cutter life is ever challenged. After the outburst, they will not even know what they have truly said and will sit there with a blank look on their faces. When anyone is challenged and truly believes they are not brainwashed, that will be their reaction. Out of ignorance? Yes. But more so, from the possibility they have been betrayed and brainwashed. This is a defence mechanism implanted by the brainwashing. You may say to yourself, I don’t remember any brainwashing? But brainwashing has nothing to do with remembering the violation. All brainwashing consists of suggestive , subliminal training and repetitive activities. Brainwashing is control. And that is why you think you are not brainwashed. If you were brainwashed, then why do they not warn us on the news or the newspapers, or a magazine? In a nutshell, you never heard it from any main con-stream media,  medium or publication. So why think you are brainwashed? If you ask yourself those questions, then you are brainwashed.

Invasion of the Reality Snatchers

The venture for Mars is on. But hardly anyone knows who is actually responsible. This entrepreneur is doing what NASA failed to do whilst wasting our tax dollars in the process. He is making rockets that can land back where they were launched without dismantling or falling into an ocean.  This person, a fan of Tesla’s work and Creator of Space X,  is indeed rich, and possibly a 1 percenter because of his wealth. But the government, because of his strides to make this trip to Mars a reality, is trying to control what he is doing. First by mock-publicity (Sistine Minutes), trying to discredit him mildly by saying there are people in the government that do not feel this type of work should be handled by a private enterprise.  But all in all, I do not trust anyone that is the 1 percent of society, and I do not believe a word of what the main con-stream media says, and whatever the government implies or insinuates, is only a reflection of what the 1 percent of society implants because they are the government’s puppet master. Why would they try to attack a fellow 1 percenter? Because he is not following the protocol of the pre-determined North American Fantasy. Have they gotten to him? Hopefully not. If you do not know who created Space X, then look it up on the internet. He is also doing a lot of other things that may irritate the 1 percent, like electric cars with free charging stations?

Invention Prevention

There are many people that have been discredited or reduced to folklore. You know, that guy that worked for a large auto company and designed the most successful muscle cars of the 60s/70s who went on his own to create a stainless steel car? A car that does not rust?  Or that man that created a power station that could provide free power to all the residents of a very large community? He also created many patents that to this day have not been realized.  Or that man at the turn of the 20th century, that created a self-generating engine that relied on no fuel or external power (the patent apparently bought out by a very large auto company and buried)? There are many other stories of large corporations stealing from the inventors. That is the game of brainwashing. Because in the end, you will just listen to the status-quo, the main-con stream media because that is what you have been programmed to believe. Why would the 1 percent suppress progress or inventions that would benefit society and the common man? For control. How else could they keep you working your cookie cutter serfdom job that ultimately keeps you broke and keep the 1 percent of society rich? Could you imagine if all of these creations could of been sustained? We would be living a much different life and technology would of surpassed the reality of technology today. Instead, they were restrained and discarded/destroyed/stolen to keep control of society’s purse strings

Marriage Miscarriage Mascara; by May-bullying

With more freedom comes more innovation and imagination. With more control and restraints comes more oppression, depression and aggression. However, the establishment attempts to control these side affects of control with drugs, which of course you have to pay for. Why else would they legalize (decriminalize) recreational drugs like marijuana? To keep you drunk, stoned and stupid. If everyone in society sobered up, I think things would change lightening fast. However, booze, drugs and sex have been tools of control in most oppressed societies. Keep the divorce rate high, which keeps the prostitution level high, that feeds the need to be inebriated with alcohol and drugs to perform these dirty deeds on a nightly basis. It also keeps the crime rate high that in turn keeps tax dollars feeding our inflated court and prison systems that are needed for processing crime and free labor. This keeps the rejects of society (people that are not employed and cannot find work because the government has failed us in so many ways to keep people, all people in a prosperous environment) prostituting, stealing, pawning, drinking and doing drugs, ultimately strung out while still feeding the one percenter’s pockets with illicitly gained money.  Nothing new. That is why it is so pathetic. Because the greedy of society do not care about your broken marriage. They certainly could care a less about a woman forced to prostitute to gain an income. They really do not care about that man that is selling drugs or breaking entrees to survive. And, they most certainly do not care about you or your destined life of serfdom. Wake-TF up!

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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