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Enclaved Media and the Plushy Blue-pencilers of Diminuendo

Scry into the Black Mirror of Capitalistic Grift

If you look, really look and listen, when your mind numbing favorite TV series tunes in after the News Hour of Indoctrination at Five, then you will start to see through the props of spurious influence or “pretend”. They hire actors that are just good enough to convey some generated “pretend” emotion, whether it be comical or sad, dramatic or horrifying, accented with just the right musical overtone to set the “pretend” mood. Ah, yes, escape from your enforced daily fop enhanced slave driven profession, where you can remove your footwear and put your feet up and watch, drinking your favorite brain cell burning elixir, after you quickly choked down that doobie of that soon to be legal brain shrinking cannabis outside, because we are all brainwashed to think it is some how dangerous to smoke inside our homes or vehicles due to second hand smoke, even when nobody else is even around, but will still fill our own lungs with damaging fumes that will guarantee your grave plot to be incanted that much sooner so the government can keep the rest of your pension money that you still had left to collect. Can you see the light yet? Perhaps that distant light refracting into the culvert of mind control from a piece of broken glass that came from a fop inducing elixir bottle? Ah yes, reality. WTF, I guess most would rather watch Epic Fails on Ewe Boob would be a predictable safe assumption. That is sad, so sad. I visit friends that are “hooked” on this deception, marred with corporate advertising, just like watching bogus past series like “That’s (not) Incredible” or “Commercial Corporate America’s (not) Favorite Bloopers” from 30+ years ago. Seems really familiar somehow, like “Frown, you are on (not) Candid Camera!” Just sign this release and we will give you $50.00. Wow, a whole $50.00 to look like a ass! Great, thanks a million! Only now, people act like asses for free and submit this detritus to certain channels on Ewe Boob for, what reason again? Oh, to look like an ass. I forgot, sorry. The worst part is someone is raking in the cyber cash on other’s misfortunes which is the basis of the capitalistic system.

As Ewe-s-less as a Boob on a Mule 

Ewe Boob is getting worse by the moment and there is no turning back. You can still publish for free on this medium and, yes, there are some things that are useful, but not much of this is free of commercial corporate ads of indoctrinating madness. In fact, Ewe Boob is so brain taxing now, it is definitely on the list of corporate brainwashing abuse. Some people think it is still “cool” but I think it is mostly drool now. But corporations and their willful campaigns of mind control are ever so prevalent on the internet as a whole and they will not stop until they have swallowed it up and totally control the broadcast, creating another cable like entity whereby only the chosen few can publish under the enforcement of censorship and content control, whereby if they do not agree with your message, it will not be published. Period. And of course, it will cost extreme amounts of money to publish anything, just like the glory days from the 1920’s up until about the time the internet became very popular for social interaction and games. After that it was wide open, until now, or actually it started declining about 7 years ago. What can anyone do about this reversal? Reject it and think for yourself. Stop being the next drunken fight in some fast food franchise to be captured by some bored individual just ready to upload it to Ewe Boob. Simply, stop being a victim of greedy indoctrination and stand up for yourself and just , walk away. How do you handle the gatekeepers of greed? Simply walk away and eliminate the need. They will be unemployed soon enough.

Trade in you Family Bible for a Comic Book!

We all create our own desperation. Desperation that is seeded by having to have that covet level possession that is designed and marketed to keep you broke and on the edge, whereby you are controllable by the pecuniary strings of corporate devise. The masses are on one side, and the 1 percenters are on the other. In the middle are gate keepers, special interest groups, registered charities, large corporations, politicians, armies, police, CIA, FBI, NSA, RCMP, Homeland Security, etc… The “Tower of Economical Babel” Only the elite would plagiarize the bible and discredit the volume at the same time, for control purposes of course. One would have to wonder why religion is being discredited and shunned from public displays and schools. Culture wise, every culture has a religion and to spurn those beliefs is only to gain control over the corrupted side of people to do things primarily for greed induced purposes, which contradicts the bible and all of it’s verses. Simply put, the 1 percent of society do not like the idea that there may be a supreme entity, like “God” in existence that contradicts their current greed induced agendas of the modern times we are experiencing.   If they can destroy your heart seated beliefs, then you will do their bidding and sell your soul for a fop outfit and middle to lowered classed income. What would you have left to teach your spawn? Not much. This creates the disposal of the family unit and more mold-able desperate minds full of fear and hate, primed for indoctrination. Lets face it, a desperate individual will believe anything to feel right again. All part of the indoctrinating corruption. Bottom line is, if you think the 1 percent of society really cares if you live or die, then Wheaton New Jersey exists and so does Superman or Batman, or Catwoman or Batwoman? Or is that too gender specific? I forgot, we must become gendercide specific, whereby there is no male or female. Just a mule engendered species of such designated for work, and nothing more whereby sex is useless, only a taboo pastime that would cut into the media’s chances to brainwash you further into the cauldron of commercial melding spew. Yummy!

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Yucky Hily and Wacky Donny

Episode 6: Heavy Petty-Feelin’ Ya

A couple hours later at the international lounge of the Airport, Donny was sitting having a drink waiting on Justin to arrive with his private jet from Canada. Donny takes his phone out of his pocket and dials another number. He takes another drink as he awaited an answer on his cell. In a long limousine, driving down the main boulevard of the downtown section of DC, In the back seat, Mel, with her dress pushed well above her midsection, exposing her black silk panties and garters that held up her snug black nylons, was being smooched and groped by Donny’s double. Her cell was vibrating as she glanced over at the display while it bounced lightly on the long seat, tapping against her supple, athletically toned, well formed thigh. Her eyes got wide as she pushed Donny’s double away, pulling her expensive laced dress back down, and answered the phone. “Hello?” said Mel with her sweetest, most innocent tone. “Hey baby, I am calling to tell you I am visiting Justin tonight. Will be home late. Don’t wait up for me sweetie. I will call you in the morning.” said Donny as he abruptly hung up the phone. Mel sat back with a frown, as she took the phone away from her ear, threw it back on the seat and recommenced making out with Donny’s double.

Back in Paris, in her newly setup apartment, Hily was sitting on the bed in her black leathered stitched lingerie she just purchased from the Paris international airport with one of Donny’s credit cards, reading a magazine, Hily heard a knock on the door, She got up and slinked over to the door and let in the first customer. “Bonjour, je suis intéressé par les neuf yards entiers. Vous avez figuré la reine.” said the distinguished looking gentleman as he closed the door, Hily, who attempted to look as sexy as she could, realizing she did not understand a word he said, locked the door then looked at him through his dark sunlgasses. “Neuf cents euros s’il vous plait?” said Hily in a bad accent holding out her hand. “Oui vous y êtes.” said the distinguished gentleman handing the money to hily’s outstretched hand. “Merci.” said Hily as she walked over to her nightstand to place the money into the top drawer. As she placed the money into her itenierary book, she bent over sensuously, then snapped back straight. She looked at the stranger again and  taughned him over by grabbing his neck tie, pulling him close.

Back at the international lounge in the airport in DC,  the intercom attendant announced the arrival of Justin’s private Jet. “Private Charter from Canada, destination unknown, calling all to board the private charter, gate 69.” Donny jumped up and sprinted over to the gate. He was stopped by the inspection officer. “Are you carrying and contraband, guns, or heavy metals of any kind?” asked the young inspection officer emotionless. “Hey dude, I have no luggage, just what is in my pockets.” snapped Donny anxious to get on board. “Ok, then, please remove all metal objects from your pockets.” commanded the emotionless inspection officer. Donny removed a lighter, a spoon, a couple of unopened fits still sealed in cellophane.  and his keys then placed them on the metal tray on the conveyor belt. The officer glanced at the fits then glanced back at Donny. “Medicinal reasons, I am a diabetic.” said Donny still anxious to get on the waiting jet. Can I see you medical condition card Id? asked the inspection officer. Donny pulled out his wallet and took out the medical condition ID and handed it to the officer. “Please provide you Drivers license for verification please?” asked the young inspection officer. Donny took out his license and handed it to the officer. The officer handed back Donny’s id and medical card then grabbed the portable metal detector and waved it up and down Donny’s body as Donny returned the id’s back into his wallet. “Ok sir you are good to board. I cannot however allow you to take the hypodermic needles aboard the plane for security reasons. Please continue the boarding ramp, Donny collected his effects minus the hypodermic needles and  sprinted towards the boarding ramp. “Please sir, no running up the boarding ramp! Walk please!” commanded the inspection officer. Donny slowed down to a fast walk as he continued up the boarding ramp to enter Justin’s private jet.

Still in the Limo, was Mel and Donny’s double who both were fully undressed rolling about in the back seat, clumsily making love, fogging up all the windows, including the privacy window separating the rear and driver seat. Outside the limousine was the Driver standing by the driver door, smoking a cigarette. As the car bounced back and forth, and groans and moans seeped out auditable from the rocking limousine, the driver shook his head and took another drag from his Camel. An elderly couple who were walking on the sidewalk passing the limousine gawked at the swaying vehicle and started to laugh. “And these politicians are running our country?” said the elderly man as he chuckled, holding his elderly wife’s hand, continuing by the embarrassing spectacle. Inside the car, Mel who was on her back starting breath heavily, enjoying the copulating effect that the springs of the limo were generating with Donny’s double on top of her, in rhythm with the induced motion. As Donny’s double heard the laughing from outside, he immediately became impotent and rolled off Mel. He quickly started to dress in modesty. Mel laying there sexily in her inviting position became sobered from his reaction. As she sat up with her sexy model like body exposed, put her hand on his shoulder in concern. “What honey? did I do something wrong? what is it?” asked Mel in a sincere tone. “Donny’s double pulled her hand off his shoulder and finished straightening out his clothes. Mel immediately groaned in disapproval and started to redress herself starting with her panties and garters.  “You know Darrell, I am tired of you bringing me to the climatic point then rolling off like a premature ejaculating teenager. Most men would at least finish the job. Real men that is, which you have proven several times, not.” said Mel angrily with her Slovak accent escaping slightly. As Mel quickly finished redressing, she pounded on the rear driver side window motioning for the driver to enter the vehicle. The driver got in, started the car and turned on the defrost. He rolled down the security window and looked back at Mel. “Dump this chump off and drive me home immediately!” said Mel now furious as she was reinserting her earrings. “Yes ma’am.” said the driver as he started to roll up the security window. “Don’t bother Rick, leave it down. There is no reason for privacy in this jalopy.  Get rid of this Hetero phobic and take me home.” commanded Mel attempting to compose herself. “Yes ma’am, right away”  said Rick rolling the security window back down to commence driving away.

To be continued in the limo, Jet, hotel, lag or otherwise?

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Distain of the Sumptuous Death Dogs

Vampires at your Front and Back Doors

We are all victims of greed. Every time you loose your job for some ambiguous reason, you were a victim of greed. People of corporate mentalities are nothing more the conduits of greed. No matter what idealisms they started out with, it seethes down to greed, because if they do not endorse the greed mentality, they will be sumptuously replaced, as to say, they will spare no expense to get rid of you. People in the corporate bursa seem to think they have job security, but they are mistaken. Then can and will be replaced even if you are doing the quota and towing the line. It all has to do with integrity, and if you have integrity, then you will have a short employment. When and where was this attitude developed? It has always been the case, only now it is more prevalent and obvious. With labor laws disappearing, and corporate lobbying, we and our rights are being sold down the river of gluttony. They will not stop because there is no one to stop them. We could crusade and change this tide, but that would mean we would have to ban together. Stop watching mind numbing advertising and brainwashing main streamed media designed to keep you mesmerized and glued to the tube of indoctrinated deception. The North American dream is nothing more then a corporate slanderous nightmare keeping everyone afraid to retaliate, fearing that they will offend a potential employer. But in the end, we should retaliate and keep talking and writing about the erroneous mess they are making this world and leaving less and less for our offspring.

Recycled Opportunistic

The employment revolving door philosophy has been adopted by many employers in Commercial Corporate North America . This is because governments offer subsidies to multi-billion dollar corporations to keep you employed and will pay these subsidies for 3 to 9 months to the company. The atmosphere this creates is the need to rid you as an employee before these periods expire so they can get another new employee to renew the subsidy period, giving the company 60 to 70 percent off the wage, and paying the small difference. The government agencies that are suppose to watchdog these hirings, in basics, do not do anything even when they know the employer is abusing the subsidies to get very cheap labor. Really, that is the only way the government can compete keeping jobs in Commercial Corporate North America using the tax dollars collected from the working to keep hiring new individuals to suit the corporations that have already bought and paid for most advocates in the government. Most politicians extend their greedy claws out in anticipation of the large payouts, not that they do not already get money from the tax payer by embezzling from the funding in their particular ridings. We are surrounded by these Sumptuous Death Dogs, and if you get in their way, they will manipulate you away form the source of their fraudulent money collection. Nothing fancy, just smart enough to go along with the Corporate Dictators. The key emotion here is greed. If you can master that, you will fit in just fine with these debt inducing corporate armies. They collect taxes from your wage that you paid back to yourself by producing the subsidy via the taxes collected from your last pay check. How would this work you may ponder? Well, very simply by for every tax dollar collected, they print out the remaining percentage paid to that corporation that has hired you with new money, borrowing off the future projection of that particular circulation of money from interest gained in short periods sitting in a transitional bank account generated by your hard earned wage. That is why the deficit is astronomical and never really under control. Clever, however really sad because we are paying our own wages ultimately, giving these corporations a free ride. In fact, the only money the large corporations contribute to your employment during these employment subsidy periods is the portion the government takes off you during taxation of your paycheck. Thus, the corporation gets a totally free ride because we are paying them back for their employment, and you can bet your great-grandmother’s wedding dress that is sitting in the local pawn shop that helped you pay your indoctrinating cable bill, the government gives these corporations huge tax incentives to participate in these employment schemes to hire people in North America instead of outsourcing in third world countries.

Fanatical Future Frenzied Fascism Fantasies

People however do not see this and really do not believe it even if you told them because of the indoctrinating influence main con stream media pacifies all who are foolish enough to continue the constant brain barrage that creates heaps of mind garbage that will occupy your brain cells until you develop dementia. That is the key to keep us down and them on top whilst you idolize them in awe envying their so called intellect, social stature and materialisms that we will never attain, only in wanton fantasies. So as they steal your future and your capacity to provide futures, property and dowries for your offspring, all at the expense of providing their own offspring million dollar homes and Porsches while your offspring frolic and prostitute themselves to eat, just keep watching “fights in McDonalds” on Ewe Boob, or “fights in Burger King” if you prefer. Communities continue to be compromised and destroyed at the expense caused by corporations buying up all the independent businesses and media, by forcing them to bankruptcy and buying them cheap, replacing them with mindless corporations with only greed induced incentives operated by the very people that owned these usurped businesses in the first place working for minimum wage. We cannot see this happening? Of course we can but because we are brainwashed, we think somehow corporations can sell us a carton of milk better then the corner store that was destroyed in the franchised wake? Wake up and smell the cappuccino.

Build Upon Their Distained Bones of Greed

People adapt and change and that is our only chance against these corporate marauders. We have to reject their purse strings and go back to basics by becoming self-serving as a community again and rebuild our self-sourced infrastructures by producing our own commodities thus trading with other communities that have other commodities in need for what they need. Reject the corporate mentalities and their franchises and plow them over to create room for sowing and renewal of our local social infrastructure. Reject the monetary greed and produce for the needs of your community, shunning all forms of capitalistic, mind numbing conglomeration. We have nothing to gain by idol worshiping these sumptuous death dogs that are destroying our communities for the corporate bottom lined agendas.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Me, Myself and I, and the Garroter

Ladder of Progressive Cranium Rupture

He is the only friend I have, the only person interested. What does that mean? It means everyone is being enslaved and I have moved on. Could it be I am befriending the willing, the insane? Or just anyone that will communicate above the brainwashing of society. I believe people that engage in the “taboo” type lifestyles and professions most likely see beyond the cloak room of indoctrination. Taboo does not describe sexual deviants or professions of exploitations, although some of them are in this category, but like to dominate others around them for their pecuniary cravings which would put them in the “greed” category. They may very well see above the indoctrination, but also use it for their own selfish ends. People idolize these culprits, but I find myself getting ill of their reminisce. People in any job profession are filled with culprits of the ravenous, all the way up the ladder of progression. People that advanced these days are the ones stabbing everyone else in the back to advance. I have plenty of scars in my back. Why is this evident when we enter the job market? Because we are brainwashed to behave this way, grab something before someone else does, even though you may not even need it or even want what you are groping for. Possibly that is why I find friends in strange professions because that type of a profession is a “lone wolf” occupation. No superiors, no subordinates. They may share their trade secrets with people they can communicate with on certain levels, that seem to fit the profile, but are never afraid to do this because, who would believe you anyway? And really, you cross someone that is a professional, then you will disappear soon enough.

Follow the Walled in Road of Limitation

Why do these individuals in these professions do what they do? Because they get paid for these contracts and never know who they are eliminating, only where to find them, the reasons for their demise, description and other pertinent data, nothing more. They eliminate the target and collect the remainder 50% of the payment. If cheated, well, would you cheat someone in that profession? Nah, most likely not. It is a built in occupational security because most people fear death, thus why would anyone cheat a contractor? If any person doubts that this happens, then Wheaton, New Jersey is looking for a Mayor. May be you should run? We are bombarded on a daily basis with mind garbage from our friendly commercial corporate North American main con-stream media, and if you allow your brain to absorb this swill, well you are a puppet to be used and disposed of in any indoctrinating method of the current advertising campaign. Mind garbage is so prevalent that is absorbing all of your brain cells and memory. You are being dementia-itised. Trained to be a consuming zombie, only having enough brain power to be dictated to and purchase all of the programmed product jettisons melded into your controlled brain. Does this mean a contractor is smarter then you? It just means they are off the program and into reality, which would be the only way for them to continue such a path in life. Is it right? Is it wrong? No one can judge and it only indicates they have gone for themselves and are following their own paths. You are brainwashed to think they are evil instead of thinking for yourself, which only causes confusion for your controlled mind.

Skillful Projection of the Rejected

Personally, I could not do that sort of profession. But to say it is right or wrong may be a difficult choice. Anyone that has had the misfortune to be in the armed forces would be in the same category of professions. You are paid to kill, and not very well I may add. The government pays you to kill. You are killing people you do not know, nor have the faintest if they deserve it or not, only that they are the misfortunate schmucks hired by that government to shoot at you, whom they have know clue, other then you are shooting at them. I guess you could call this a “planned” self defence, but still sounds feeble on that level. To the corporate owned governments that sent all of you there is the first place, it is right and patriotic because you are defending you homeland and the ways of indoctrinated life, where you do not own anything, just owe for everything and with the armed forces’ enforced wage, you will not pay it off too soon, if ever at all. Men and women come back traumatised and disabled mentally and physically (unless you are lucky and never seen any combat) and are ruined for life. Not the same, and will carry that burden until they die. But they did their patriotic duty. However, once they are used, no one really, wants to deal with them and shuns their existence. Send them to shrinks and keep them drugged up because if they ever woke up, they would be another person that has seen beyond the brainwashed, phoney staged propped commercialized existence we are all forced to endure from our childhood’s cloak room of indoctrinated security.

Teams of Self-Destructive Identities

But I have a friend, and friends do not judge each other. They just remain friends to communicate and collaborate everyday burdens and things of creative interests. They do their best not to betray each other’s confidence and support each other in times of woe. Despite all what the brainwashed masses and their programmers and controllers say or dictate, you can ultimately chose your own path in life, good or evil, and it is your choice alone. If you are told what to chose or have no idea how to make your own choices, then you are brainwashed and have to break the program with all of your will. A clear sign of this mode is if you have to consult someone else to make a simple choice. If you cannot choose for yourself what you like then you know you are totally brained honed. Don’t get help, help yourself, and soon. Teams and team players are hoodwinked people that are just bricks in the crumbling walls protecting bloated kingdoms of indoctrinated propaganda.  And remember, to be isolated, is to be an individual of your own creation, no one else’s.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Dark Goth Angel


Interview with Kissra Lynnkay

A very interesting woman indeed. Although you will find her responses straight forward, you will also find she does not reveal her mystique. She is no stranger to the camera, but refuses to be labeled an actor, professional or amateur, or even an artist of any kind. She has a frightening look to her, sometimes reminds me of an Evil Gothic Queen. She views life and social issues in a straight forward, rigid manner. Or does she? Kissra is hard nose chic, but I do believe she is a light to follow, only if she would uncloak her purple disguise that veils her illumination.


Nice to meet you Kissra! Please tell the readers where you were born?”

Kissra: “Montreal”

How was your youth? happy, Sad?

Kissra: “Normal.”

Describe your family?

Kissra:  “Average.”

 “Did you like school?

Kissra: “Not really, who liked school, lol.”

 “What was life like where you grew up?

Kissra: “Nothing special.”

What cultures do you have in your blood line?

Kissra: “Polish, Canadian.”

Explain your title, “Dark Goth Angel”?”

Kissra: “I’m creating my web site and I will have detailed info about that. It’s a long interesting story.”

Come on, you do not want to share anymore info then that? Sounds exciting!

Kissra: “Wait and check my site to see…”

Culturally, I find that we are all the same. But what are your views on different cultures introduced to North America?

Kissra: “Today with the internet, social media and how the world connected all cultures blending into one and living/behaving similarly as time goes on. I have no views about a particular culture because all cultures are fading into one globalized mono-toned life with the exception of the few free spirited souls.”

Being an artist, how do you perceive the world now compared to how you viewed the world in your youth? Has it changed your artistic “output”?”

Kissra: “I don’t view myself as an artist. I simply live my life the way I want without external influences and be mindful of those around me.”

I disagree. But you are right. To view yourself as an artist puts a label on your work. Would you rather be considered rebellious vigilant crashing artistic barriers?

Kissra: “Like I said, you seem to view me as an artist when I’m nothing but an average woman living her life. I don’t sell my content and offer it free.”

Where do you see yourself in the future? Do you want to continue acting/modeling? Would you be interested in making a main stream movie or would you be more interested in acting as a “Mary Hartman” type character in a satirical soap opera?

Kissra: “I never considered acting. As for the modeling I do it as amateur to satisfy curiosity and experience and I’m open to anything that sparks my interests.”

You should consider acting. Explain “amateur to satisfy curiosity”?

Kissra:  “I don’t think I will consider acting and the word amateur is just to convey to you that I’m not doing anything to model or to act. Just living my life and sharing it online. You want to view it as modeling or art that’s up to the viewer I guess :)”

Would you consider yourself a submissive person or a dominant person in a mutual relationship?

Kissra: “I’m submissive by nature. Being submissive lets me see how others think and what they do to get pleasures.”

 “If someone offered you some money for a sexual encounter, would you be insulted, flattered, or would you just want to hear the details of the offer?

Kissra: “I’d want to hear the details of the offer lol :)”

When I first seen you on the internet, I was instantly attracted to your soft evasive allurement and originality. You seem like a woman that is focused on what she wants. What is the single most important goal that you want to accomplish?

Kissra: “Live life and have as many experiences as possible.”

Describe your wildest experience?”

Kissra: “Nothing I experienced was so wild to be distinguished as “the experience”. I’m sorry to disappoint you but you are seeing me as some celebrity model and expecting celebrity answers when I’m nothing but an average woman living her life and sharing it on the Internet. If you’d like you can read my blogs off my web site and I explain in details why I do what I do ;)”

What are your thoughts on pornography productions on the whole? Do you think pornography acting leads to more promising careers?

Kissra: “Pornography is boring because it’s all the same thing (not real). People don’t behave like that when are aroused and want to/having sex. There is a difference between romance and soft love making with a sole mate and raw animalistic “dirty” sex to satisfy sexual arousal. Porn on the other hand is an inaccurate male fantasy that is pitched to the world  by small group of people with limited views that does not represent the “people” of the world. Amateur porn filmed raw is more exciting because people can relate to.”

When looking at your facial expressions in your pictures, you seem to be half happy, half sad. Like the Greek theater masks. Did you develop this charisma or did your experiences in life from this character you emulate?

Kissra: “People see what they want to see. Based on your views, outlook, and experiences you will see things your way. Some people see a horny bitch, others see a sad person needs rescuing and you see half sad and half happy ;)”

I see a very interesting character. If you feel you are happy, how would you rate your success in social interaction compared to being sad if you want something from the interaction?”  

Kissra: Not sure I fully understand this question. But, I don’t care much for social interaction or the need to interact. I don’t avoid interactions but I don’t seek it.”

What is your ultimate wish in life; love, charity, profession or money?

Kissra: “To live life to the fullest and have as many experiences as possible and money facilitate that, so I seek money as well lol.”

What do you think of exploitation guru’s like Hugh Heffner, Larry Flint?

Kissra: “For one to be exploited one needs to be tricked into something. What I do is by choice and that’s not exploitation.  This question can be asked to  Hugh Heffner, Larry Flint or an exploited person; they will be able to reflect on this question better than I can.”

You are undoubtedly a very attractive woman with extreme character. Do you find when men hit on you (and do not tell me they do not) that they can be pushy, expectant, or do most men approach you with chivalry? Women?

Kissra: “Blushing…thank you 🙂  …. I love it when I’m approached. I don’t like it when people are  pushy or expectant but  chivalry goes a long way with me ;)”

You have a lot of tattoos. My favorites are the Snaked Dagger and the Eye of Horus. Body art is a statement. What is your statement?

Kissra: “Each of my tattoo’s have specific meaning and the location of each is by design. I will include the story behind each of them on my personal (free) web site, it’s in the making and soon will be online ;)”

Looking at your pictures on your site, you seem to have a poetic flow through with your female anatomy and your body art. Was this purposeful, natural, or accidental?

Kissra: “Accidental lol 🙂 each photographer shoots from their perspective and what you see is a representation of the shooter rather than the model :)”

Do you find it annoying when men approach you in a gaga mannerism?”

Kissra: “I love being approached as long as you remain thoughtful, respectful and not pushy or expectant.”

What are your thoughts on the people that control the common wealth of this country? Are you a fan of the Queen?

Kissra: “I never followed politics and I think of politics as a giant toilet with different sh#$ in it; and that’s true anywhere you go in the world! So to answer your question about the Queen or the people who control the commonwealth of the people is I’m neutral towards them because their power comes from the very people who complain about them. So in essence, the people empower these elites and then the same people complain about them. My answer to this simple equation is do not participate in a system you don’t believe in. Don’t vote, don’t riot, don’t protest, buy the minimum you need to get by…simply do not participate in a system you don’t believe in and if everyone does this to any system anywhere in the world that system will fall apart overnight ;)”

Being a person from Montreal, what are you views on the French and English rivalry political mongers keep dredging up as an actual issue in Canada?

Kissra: “It is an issue if you make it one. I don’t participate in rivalry of any kind so you are asking the wrong person about this ;)”

What are your thoughts about Justin Trudeau?

Kissra: “Very cute and intelligent ;)”

What are your views on drug use, especially with the youths of North America?

Kisssra: “I never done any drugs of any kind in my life so I wouldn’t know how to answer this question well.”

So you do not think it is a problem?

Kissra: If you think its a problem then it is for you. if you don’t think it is one then its not. People make choices and they live by the choices they make regardless of what one thinks.”

More and more clinical and lab produced (synthetic) drugs are available in the streets, highly addictive and damaging. What is the best advice you could convey to young people dabbling into these types of addictive drugs?

Kissra: “It’s their life and their experiences. Who am I to tell them what to do. The way you make your bed is the way you’ll sleep.”

What about chronic addiction? Can anything be done without compromising liberties?

Kissra: The more people have opinions about stuff, the more laws and micromanaging we get. Let people do what they want and live with the choices they made as long as they don’t force their way on others, I couldn’t care less.”

Sexual child abuse in the home is approximately 1 out of every 3 homes in any city, in any country, in the world. A lot of these children end up on the street, desolate, prostituting, and addicted to drugs. Others end up with severe emotional and relationship problems later in life. Do you have any suggestions to authorities (Children’s Aid) how to illuminate and punish the offenders? What advice would you give to the abused, being abused by a family member past or present?”

Kissra: “First off you mention prostituting as a horrible by-product of abuse. What if the woman agrees to rent her body to a willing customer who have little time to socialize and they both enter into this business transaction that’s agreed to by two consenting adults? There is nothing wrong with prostitution in my opinion. Now if an abused child grows up and gets into prostitution and drugs who’s fault is that? Certainly not the healthy consenting adults who chose to enter into a business transaction for profitability and pleasure. Society is so ignorant today that they stereotype everything with excessive micromanaging to the point where it became nauseating. To answer your question about what to advise authorities about child abuse is not to associate prostitution or the right of people to use their body with child abuse. To tackle the issue independently from association. I’m not an expert on child abuse since I had a rather comfortable life without suffering abuse so I can’t answer this question properly.”

Certainly there are prostitutes that make a good living by choice. Prostituting underage. Victims? You see this as a choice rather then a manipulation?” 

Kissra: “You speak big words and expect simple direct answers. no one is saying underage prostitution is OK but if an under age prostitute chose to earn a living this way, do you go after the root cause or the underage prostitute? The real cause has nothing to do with prostitution.”

I find that the pornographic trade is filled with corporate entities trying to monopolize the mediums and control the trade. What message would you convey to these hypocritical shysters, if any?”

Kissra: “They make their profits from who? How about directing your question to the same people who pay these corporate profiteers or what you call shysters.”

“People that like porn pay for the medium. It is a highly competitive field. You do not think the actors of the trade are under paid? Or do you think it is a fair exchange for the actors (all actors)?”

Kissra: “I never acted as a paid porn actress so I don’t know what’s involved in making the movies thus I can’t say if its fair or not. A porn actress can answer you better than me ;)”

Male and female anatomy has its own essence and beauty. Society today thinks it is more acceptable to watch people getting graphically murdered rather than displaying the male’s and female’s sexual anatomy. Society is saying that it is ok to have a view for a kill but not ok to look at a woman’s vagina or a man’s penis. Why do you figure society is so embarrassed of their own sexual organs?”  

Kissra: “Few people control the media. Same few people reflect their views to the world on how things should be. Does that mean the people of the world think like that? Ignorant people might but not the whole world, so in essence it’s wrong to generalize society thinks it’s OK to…etc. If you fall within the group that believes what is represented in mainstream media then perhaps you can answer this question ;).  I on the other hand think it’s OK to display male/female body uncensored. People can choose to watch what they want. Making the choice for people is simply wrong and no free intelligent person would agree to it.”

Are you, or have you ever been married, common law or otherwise? If you have, please tell the readers what type of experience it held for you. What is your attitude towards marriage?

Kissra: “Why would you need a paper to be in love? I don’t believe in religion or GOD therefore I don’t require a paper from a religious establishment or any establishment for that matter in order for me to love someone or choose to be with one. To answer your question I’ve lived with different people (guys and gals) and I have a unique experiences with each. Some I loved more than others but all were unique and I wouldn’t want to forget them. I live my life for the experience ;)”

You openly exclaim that you are bisexual but prefer men over women in general. If in a relationship with a woman, does this cause friction between you and her? If in a relationship with a man, what problems exist knowing he has more competing suitors that could steal you away?

Kissra: “I’ve been with many women in a relationship and that never happened. We sometimes get a guy and play wild and never once either of us thought of jealousy. Insecure people have these thoughts and not people who love themselves and the people around them ;)”

Tell us more about your heart and soul. Do you believe in God or spirituality? What makes Kissra tick? What makes Kissra kick?   

Kissra “I don’t believe in religions. I think religions are created to control the weak minded that uses fear for subjugation; these are the traits of a con artist for control. What makes me tick, well if someone pricks my butt with a needle I will jump and bitch-slap them and I kick with my feet :)” 


Post Script: This interview was granted by Kissra Lynnkay and was done for non-profit/educational/entertainment purposes. Reproduction of this interview is granted by a permission basis only by the interviewer/interviewee. © Copyright: All rights reserved 2017.

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3-60’s Beatniks in Granny Boots

Winter Episode: I’d Walk a Mile for a Salem, Naturally Requisitionative?

The VW van spun free of the vortex, and softly landed back in the parking area in Woodstock where they originated from. As the lights from the concert area were more prevalent, being slightly darker from when they left, the 3-60’s Beatniks in Granny Boots peered out of the windshield through their circular rose shaded glasses. “Shhh!, everyone remain still as possible and do not make a sound.” whispered Sara remaining very still. Mary and Marsha, remembering the Timothy Geary pill rules, remained silent and motionless. “What? Where the hell are we? How did we get here?” yelled Patti frantically moving from window to window, going towards the windshield looking in amazement. Sara, Mary and Marsha remained still and quiet. “What is wrong with you twits? Answer me!” demanded Patti shaking Sara’s shoulder. Suddenly, the windows started to fisheye, convexing and concaving, as the VW van started to lift off the ground, slowly starting it’s spin, quickly accelerating. “Your the twit Patti! I told you to shut up and remain still. Now were off again to an unknown origin. Bitch!” said Sara pushing Patti back to her buttocks. Patti grabbed behind herself instinctively only to grab Sara’s replica enhanced breast. “Ewe! Not again!” said Patti as she quickly let go of Sara’s replica’s enhanced bosom. By this time the VW van’s spin was at light speed, shooting off back into the ozone of the darkened sky only to leave a light beamed trace of itself that quickly disappeared. “Woah, twice in ten minutes! Deja vu man, cool. Great stuff man!” said the young beatnik with the Beatle’s styled hair do and goatee as he puffed on another large doobie, watching the VW van disappear into the stars.

As the vortex started to spin down and the speed receded, the VW van plunged down to an area where there was quite a bit of foliage and trees. They all looked out the windows and were confused. “Well, it appears we never went back to FBI land, thank God.” said Sara sitting in the driver seat. “Where are we now? I hope we are back where I can go home.!” said Patti looking about. Marsha snickered as she looked into the rear view mirror applying more makeup, admiring herself. “Just so you know Patti, when we end back to the place of origin, we all have to remain still and quiet for 10 minutes, otherwise we will travel back into time to who knows where, which is where we are at the moment. We should take the pills again and go home, then throw these things away.” said Sara as she started to grab the pill bottle out of her bra. “Wait Sara, I have to pee. Please, then we can go.” said Mary fidgety and crossing her legs. “Can’t you wait another minute Mary?” asked Sara, leaving the pill bottle in her bra. “Not unless you want me to pee on your velvet covered seat!” said Mary opening the door to get out. “Wait, what about me? Let us at least look around to see if this is where I came from.” said Patti anxiously. “It is not Patti. We are in another time zone tornado destination thingy, err, I think.” said Marsha puckering her lips in the mirror. “Patti, we are God knows where. So unless you want to take a chance and get stuck here, go ahead. We are heading back. Then I will give you a pill from there to go back to your demented future, Miss Cajun Universe Queen.” said Sara waiting for Mary to come back into the VW van. “Let us just drive around. Start this thing up and we can assess where we are.” said Patti kneeling close to the driver seat. “We are surrounded by bush genius. Perhaps we can chew a path through the trees so we can drive on out!” said Sara shaking her head. “Where is Mary. How long does it take to go pee? Mary!” yelled Sara towards the open passenger door. “Hey guys. Come out and look at the beautiful scenery.” and the river.” said Mary from a short distance away. “Get back in here Mary, now!” commanded Sara getting impatient. “Do you hear that? Sounds like strange chanting.” said Mary getting closer to the VW van. “Yeah, it is most likely cannibals whom got a whiff of your urine and now want to throw you into their cooking pot, get in here now!” commanded Sara again. Mary now scared came running back and jumped into the VW van and closed the door.  “I am out of here.” said Patti opening the rear door, jumping out and closing it again. “Good! see you soon as the main entrée on the local cannibal bon fire rotisserie.” said Sara reaching for the pills again. “We should look for her Sara. It is our fault she came with us.” said Mary opening her door again. “What?” exclaimed Sara as she left the pills back in her bra again watching the passenger door slam shut. “So safe and invisible are those pills sunken in there!” snickered Marsha playing with her face in the mirror. “Come on Marsha, let’s go and find them so we can get out of here.” ordered Sara opening her driver door. “What? out there? In the boonies? I don’t think so Sara. I will wait in here.” said Marsha placing her makeup back into her purse. “Ok, but if we do not come back, you may be here for a long time, seeing I have the pills.” said Sara as she got out of the VW van, closing the door. Marsha sat there for a moment, thought, then got out of the van through the passenger door. “Wait Sara!” yelled Marsha slamming the passenger door.

“Over here behind the van. Lets go!” said Sara leading Marsha out of the bush towards what looked like a wagon trail where Mary was holding on to Patti. “Let me go. I need to get home now!” said Patti shaking loose from Mary’s grip. “Wait Patti. We should all stick together. I mean by now, I am sure you can absorb the fact that we have travelled through time. This is most likely not 2017. I would also venture to say it is not even 1969.” said Sara observing a small painted sign on the wagon trail. “Time travel? Somehow you slipped me one of those acid pills and we are all hallucinating. And some how we ended up in the bush being that you were escaping.” said Patti confused. “Then how my Cajun scholar did we end up in Massachusetts, one mile from Salem on an old wagon trail. I believe the infrastructure has most likely improved since then, this close to town. Seen enough? May be we are close to Salem, Oregon?” said Sara snickering with her arms folded. Patti looked at the small sign that read, “Salem: 1 mile” and scratched her head. “Let us at least go into town and make sure Sara. I am hungry.” complained Mary as she picked a blade a grass and chewed on the end. “Figures my moo-stress. We can be back in our own time in minutes! Lets go and I will buy you a dog with all the fixings.” said Sara tantalizing Mary. “Come on Sara! You chicken? Lets go into town and find out.” said Patti challenging Sara. “Ok, lets go. Id walk a mile to prove you wrong.” said Sara leading the way.

Too be continued:  Any witch way but noose…

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Jingoist Day

Jingoist Day


Jingoist Day, Jingoist Day

Jingoist all the way

Oh what fun it is to jump

From the 80th floor today, hey

Flames scald my back,

As I contemplate

Would I rather burn to death,

Or die in a pulverised state, ha, ha, ha

As my body falls,

I see others jumping too

What a rush as we all skydive

without parachutes, ha, ha, ha

Thinking of the election,

And voting for that fool,

My life flashes before my eyes

As I squash into gruel, hey

Jingoist Day, Jingoist Day

Jingoist all the way

Oh what fun it is to jump

From the 80th floor today, hey


“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Corporate-Sapiens Primordial

Autonomous Meld of the Grandiloquence Ponzi

Reversing the evolutionary scale, compromising intellect and culture, crawling and scrawling are the advancing degraded graduates of the Doctrines of Greed and Ravenous. They only comprehend what is good for the selfish corporate enterprise self-serving and destructing, leaving in its wake a waste land of broken idealisms and hope. They inflict depression and oppression to all whom they encounter displaying little or no emotion in fear of loosing their livelihoods that they were brainwashed to perform in the mannerism of solidifying the bottom lined ratios of profiteering. They are receding us all on the evolution chain of progression. We are becoming barbaric and unfeeling. We are worried only for how aspects enforced by the “Corporate Fungus” affects us and will burn and betray anyone that does not show fear and compliance to the corporate wrath of domination and usurp-hood. Uncanny how it is that they expect anyone and everyone to forfeit their rights to receive a fraction of what they are worth. But they have more then enough to pool from to ensure that no person would stand up for their rights and cower away from the corporate mini-monarch’s scepter of frugal-ism and grasping. They have successfully burned us all down to soulless husks of dominated serfdom scrawling jesters, ready to betray our own brothers and sisters for a few ungenerous scraps of materialisms and indebtedness

Enshrouded Exiguous Edified

We scrounge around, trying to save a penny of credit, that we know we can never pay back, only to be coerced  to borrow more credit to pay it back with interest. Interesting concept that no one really understands, because if you are borrowing on credit, money that is not really there, by the time you make your minimum payment, they apply more interest on money you have never seen or banked, only used to pay the borrowed interest generated from the original interest from paying a bill or purchase of some product jettison. In reality, they are stealing money, and owe the lot of us money, that they keep embezzling from our lives’. People exit schools now with little or no tangible skills, and are basically illiterate. They have enough just to squeeze them by to get that slave driven job that will compromise their rights, because they have no clue what their rights really are, and cannot not add unless they had a calculator. Corporate dream employees, enabling them to infract on labor laws and keep these employees scared, in the dark, hiding in the cloakroom, clinging to the teacher’s dress. If you think that is not you, then go to work and tell your employer that he/she owes you money for the backlog of hrs that they refused to pay overtime for, or they owe you a deserved raise that bypassed you for the last few years. Can you do that? If you can, then you understand and want to change the trend of slavery that we all are being ensnared into by the use of credit. If we all refused credit and used our money as we made it, the system of credit would crumble. Then employers would have no choice but pay people what they are actually worth to keep the economy afloat. This would kill inflation, and the 1 percenters would have to let go some of their stolen money, taken from your prosperity in the first place, to stimulate the economic confidence and encourage people to spend money because of the refusal of using credit. But that would take individuals that have willpower enough to shed the brainwashing and see through the grift.

Baneful Citizen Vade Mecum

But I still see people running to the stores, standing at the till with their carts fill with materialisms to give to their families and friends in generosity of the holiday, flipping through their maxed out credit cards, trying to find one that will clear the bill so they can go home and relax in front of their TV to be brainwashed by their favorite commercialized series, watching the actors portray the exact same thing you just went into major debt for, only the portrayed citizens on the TV seem to never run into money problems and every episode ends in a happy indoctrinated conclusion that you did the right thing, so have your favorite social lubricant or two and pass out in front of the tube. Let me put it this way. If you are an individual and you need a shopping cart when you go to the liquor or beer store, or any establishment that profits off alcohol, then you have a major problem in more ways than the obvious. We are owned by the corporation of Commercial Corporate North America and we have sold our souls for a credit card. We are all doing the bidding for the corporation and are owned lock, stock and barrel. We are transgressing into slaves of ancient Egypt, toiling and withering into ultimately useless and half crippled beings that will become so called “burdens to society” by the very group of ravenous culprits that put you there in the first place, shuffling you off to the home for the aged in exchange for your property and money that you managed to own and keep, at least in part once they minus the taxes and debts that were never paid. We can stop this from constantly reoccurring, but that would take self restraint and hope. Hope of a prosperous future and not a debentured soulless faith, chained to the wealthy’s desire to keep you enslaved to do their travailing servitudes and tasks that they are too fainéant to perform for themselves.  Yes they have indeed regressed to the primordial monarchs of the past, thus instead of a “farewell to kings” we have the “revival of the maharajah”. Lest we put on our jester’s suits and fumble and frolic around in dearth and funk, we should all be rejecting the lures of credit and enslavement enabling ourselves to take back our futures as human beings. Humility is only an emotion that they can convey onto your reality, but only makes one stronger then they could ever imagine. Rich, be wary of the entrenchment of your jonah edacity and the flagitiousness it begets.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Spammers Scammers and the Woe they Inflict

This site is under attack by spammers. The lowest form of internet scum known to the planet. If you are redirected to an adobe site, do not click anything, just close your browser, clear your temp files and cookies, then try again. I apologize on behalf of the spammers because I am sure they really do not mean to hurt anyone, that is if they had half a brain in their head other then GREED.

We have also disabled subscriptions temporarily. If you really want to subscribe, then contact us using the contact form, “Contact Heuristic of the Scree”. We will evaluate your email integrity and will contact you if this email address is valid and clean.

A foot note when sites go through this nonsense: used to be a great outlet to forward your spam, however they blocked this from happening, becoming yet another useless government entity collecting a pay check from our tax dollar. And yes, we do work, but that is our day job. The ISP has very little empathy for you, especially if you are independently administering and editing your web server and sites. They figure you are getting a free ride. A free ride? I pay the ISP monthly for the service and more for the static IP. I most likely pay more then most commercialised small businesses for my connection and am doing this for artistic output and not necessarily money. In fact I am pretty sure it is not for money and if it was, I would not continue because of the little brainwashed accountant in my head asking, “WTF? Are you crazy?”We could give all sorts of “noble” excuses and reasons why, but it would be just “excuses”. It is done because we hate commercialism and the futile side effects it force-feeds upon society with their brainwashing campaigns. We will irenically foray any entity that bases their existence on domination and greed.   Thank You.

Blatant Ballista Hog Washed

Nowhere, Over the Rainbow…

November is closed and we are almost near another year end, and that makes me sad. Sad because we have not gotten any further away from the stupidity of Capitalism. Cynically,  one has to dig deep to keep punishing themselves to strive forward in this monetary maze of greed, to find our pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. But it is not there. It has already been stolen by a bunch of greedy 1 percenters and corrupted politicians. When you reach that end of the rainbow, you will have to have a very good sense of humour because you will definitely need it to prevent yourself from totally losing your mind. Not that you will be young enough anymore to enjoy it anyway, so at the very least you can bask in that cauldron of consolation prized pasticcio. By that time, your spawned offspring will be showing you pamphlets from prospective retirement homes. These pamphlets will have beautiful pictures of these homes of delusionary solace that are enticing, but are just lures to convince you, and to free yourself from your spawned offspring’s constant badgering, disguised as empathetic concern, which really is just a ravenous attempt to get your legacies and dowries early, or at least gain control. If you are in that age bracket, you know exactly what I mean, hopefully not out of experience, but by just saying, “NO!”. We have to teach our brainwashed offspring the truth and put them in their place, and you do not have to be polite about it. Elders are the ones that have the true experience and knowledge. Not the other way around. Why do our offspring act as if they are more intelligent and knowledgeable then you, when you are old? Because the Capitalistic society has brainwashed them to think elders have no place in a productive society and should be “locked up” in the havens of domination. And anyone unfortunate enough to be in these places know, and are under the thumbs of the administration and haughty nurses that dictate their daily routines as if they were all in kindergarten. And those are the good establishments. The bad ones, well, we have all read about them and how they treat elders.

Strife Sentences

People go through life being “institutionalized”. Work is the culprit and we work our lives away to turn a profit for the owners of these pecuniary vocational scrutinizing establishments, sucking all of your idealism, energy and self worth for their bottom line, which gets siphon off by greedy corporations and the 1 percent of society. And what little pittance you manage to make, the government further sucks away 20 to 30 percent. When you need clothes or materialisms, the government is right there with their greedy velvet gloved iron fists ready to smash you into obscurity if you do not comply with their product tax levies. Thus, we become institutionalized as if we were imprisoned in any penitentiary. The only difference would be the fact that we have illusive and allusive freedoms on the outside. Illusive is the con, and allusive is the push. They con us to think we are free because we are free to vote for this guy/gal, or that guy/gal. The two or three party system, the third party is there only to show how extreme anyone not from the first or second party really could be allusively. Rarely that third party will get in power, but to make you believe this is a free system, you have to have a choice. But this is a very controlled choice and the people in power, the politician’s puppeteers, have already decided who will be the next puppet before you even vote. People will actually fight to protect their allusive party choice which creates a languid separatism, us or them, to keep us divided for ease of control. If we peacefully protest against the latest “fixed election”, the politically planted surrogates will create unrest and agitation, that will usually end in a violent display, enabling the dragoons of our Capitalistic system to demonstrate their forceful resolve, ergo creating fear causing everyone to run back into the cloakroom and cling to the teacher’s dress. Fear is the “Capitalistic Demented Dream” that is used to allusively cause us to point our fingers to the lone, rogue scapegoat so we can all feel secure in our “Hollywood Propped” existence as they extinguish the simulated isolated threat. Just go back to your propped existence and return to you institutionalized job and be prudently incommunicado.

Garroted Doyenne/Doyen

Thus, the “Old Folks Home” is where you are ultimately headed as an elder, wise beyond anyone else, to be controlled and lassoed into securitized enslavement, not free to roam, just rot. That way, you are really not taken seriously whatsoever when you talk and develop the air of dementia and foolishness when you have the opportunity to give some well needed advice to your offspring that infrequently visit who are well on their way to being brainwashed, institutionalized pawns for the system only to end up where you are, which would explain their sporadic tarriances. Why does the establishment need to imprison our elders? Because they have it figured out. They know they have been indoctrinated and have seen beyond the manipulation. Ultimately, they would steer you in the correct direction to take your life back and shed the brain scrutiny of our daily Main Con Stream media. They would prove to be a vast resource of counter knowledge and would be worthy as a family addition where they belong. Not because they are old, but because we owe them our life and they can lead us out of this dominated ill willed society of greed and aggression.  Just listen, really listen to what they say. If you do that, you will understand and be influenced in the correct manner, rather then being bludgeoned into marionettes of Capitalistic iniquity. So, go ahead and wave your flags of commercial propagandism on behalf of our Commercial North American Continent controlled by the 1 percent of society to keep them very wealthy so you can carry on the demented dream of being a greedy wealthy culprit of Capitalism right to your overpriced coffin inhumed in a plot indwelled by the encumbered.

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