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Spammers Scammers and the Woe they Inflict

This site is under attack by spammers. The lowest form of internet scum known to the planet. If you are redirected to an adobe site, do not click anything, just close your browser, clear your temp files and cookies, then try again. I apologize on behalf of the spammers because I am sure they really do not mean to hurt anyone, that is if they had half a brain in their head other then GREED.

We have also disabled subscriptions temporarily. If you really want to subscribe, then contact us using the contact form, “Contact Heuristic of the Scree”. We will evaluate your email integrity and will contact you if this email address is valid and clean.

A foot note when sites go through this nonsense: used to be a great outlet to forward your spam, however they blocked this from happening, becoming yet another useless government entity collecting a pay check from our tax dollar. And yes, we do work, but that is our day job. The ISP has very little empathy for you, especially if you are independently administering and editing your web server and sites. They figure you are getting a free ride. A free ride? I pay the ISP monthly for the service and more for the static IP. I most likely pay more then most commercialised small businesses for my connection and am doing this for artistic output and not necessarily money. In fact I am pretty sure it is not for money and if it was, I would not continue because of the little brainwashed accountant in my head asking, “WTF? Are you crazy?”We could give all sorts of “noble” excuses and reasons why, but it would be just “excuses”. It is done because we hate commercialism and the futile side effects it force-feeds upon society with their brainwashing campaigns. We will irenically foray any entity that bases their existence on domination and greed.   Thank You.

Blatant Ballista Hog Washed

Nowhere, Over the Rainbow…

November is closed and we are almost near another year end, and that makes me sad. Sad because we have not gotten any further away from the stupidity of Capitalism. Cynically,  one has to dig deep to keep punishing themselves to strive forward in this monetary maze of greed, to find our pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. But it is not there. It has already been stolen by a bunch of greedy 1 percenters and corrupted politicians. When you reach that end of the rainbow, you will have to have a very good sense of humour because you will definitely need it to prevent yourself from totally losing your mind. Not that you will be young enough anymore to enjoy it anyway, so at the very least you can bask in that cauldron of consolation prized pasticcio. By that time, your spawned offspring will be showing you pamphlets from prospective retirement homes. These pamphlets will have beautiful pictures of these homes of delusionary solace that are enticing, but are just lures to convince you, and to free yourself from your spawned offspring’s constant badgering, disguised as empathetic concern, which really is just a ravenous attempt to get your legacies and dowries early, or at least gain control. If you are in that age bracket, you know exactly what I mean, hopefully not out of experience, but by just saying, “NO!”. We have to teach our brainwashed offspring the truth and put them in their place, and you do not have to be polite about it. Elders are the ones that have the true experience and knowledge. Not the other way around. Why do our offspring act as if they are more intelligent and knowledgeable then you when you are old? Because the Capitalistic society has brainwashed them to think elders have no place in a productive society and should be “locked up” in the havens of domination. And anyone unfortunate enough to be in these places know, and are under the thumbs of the administration and haughty nurses that dictate their daily routines as if they were all in kindergarten. And those are the good establishments. The bad ones, well, we have all read about them and how they treat elders.

Strife Sentences

People go through life being “institutionalized”. Work is the culprit and we work our lives away to turn a profit for the owners of these pecuniary vocational scrutinizing establishments, sucking all of your idealism, energy and self worth for their bottom line, which gets siphon off by greedy corporations and the 1 percent of society. And what little pittance you manage to make, the government further sucks away 20 to 30 percent. When you need clothes or materialisms, the government is right there with their greedy velvet gloved iron fists ready to smash you into obscurity if you do not comply with their product tax levies. Thus, we become institutionalized as if we were imprisoned in any penitentiary. The only difference would be the fact that we have illusive and allusive freedoms on the outside. Illusive is the con, and allusive is the push. They con us to think we are free because we are free to vote for this guy/gal, or that guy/gal. The two or three party system, the third party is there only to show how extreme anyone not from the first or second party really could be allusively. Rarely that third party will get in power, but to make you believe this is a free system, you have to have a choice. But this is a very controlled choice and the people in power, the politician’s puppeteers, have already decided who will be the next puppet before you even vote. People will actually fight to protect their allusive party choice which creates a languid separatism, us or them, to keep us divided for ease of control. If we peacefully protest against the latest “fixed election”, the politically planted surrogates will create unrest and agitation, that will usually end in a violent display, enabling the dragoons of our Capitalistic system to demonstrate their forceful resolve, ergo creating fear causing everyone to run back into the cloakroom and cling to the teacher’s dress. Fear is the “Capitalistic Demented Dream” that is used to allusively cause us to point our fingers to the lone, rogue scapegoat so we can all feel secure in our “Hollywood Propped” existence as they extinguish the simulated isolated threat. Just go back to your propped existence and return to you institutionalized job and be prudently incommunicado.

Garroted Doyenne/Doyen

Thus, the “Old Folks Home” is where you are ultimately headed as an elder, wise beyond anyone else, to be controlled and lassoed into securitized enslavement, not free to roam, just rot. That way, you are really not taken seriously whatsoever when you talk and develop the air of dementia and foolishness when you have the opportunity to give some well needed advice to your offspring that infrequently visit who are well on their way to being brainwashed, institutionalized pawns for the system only to end up where you are, which would explain their sporadic tarriances. Why does the establishment need to imprison our elders? Because they have it figured out. They know they have been indoctrinated and have seen beyond the manipulation. Ultimately, they would steer you in the correct direction to take your life back and shed the brain scrutiny of our daily Main Con Stream media. They would prove to be a vast resource of counter knowledge and would be worthy as a family addition where they belong. Not because they are old, but because we owe them our life and they can lead us out of this dominated ill willed society of greed and aggression.  Just listen, really listen to what they say. If you do that, you will understand and be influenced in the correct manner, rather then being bludgeoned into marionettes of Capitalistic iniquity. So, go ahead and wave your flags of commercial propagandism on behalf of our Commercial North American Continent controlled by the 1 percent of society to keep them very wealthy so you can carry on the demented dream of being a greedy wealthy culprit of Capitalism right to your overpriced coffin inhumed in a plot indwelled by the encumbered.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Dating Sites Reloaded

Kay Sourer, Sourer, Whatever….

Personally, I have nothing against women, If fact, I love women. I love being around them. I love talking to them. However, when you are looking for a potential suitor on the internet dating site, it is way too much work and anxiety. For women, it is easy, usually. No matter what the look like or what personality they have. That is because, in the area I live, men out number heterosexual women 5 to 1. This is not an exaggeration, at least not where I live. This means the average woman on these dating sites get swamped with emails from men attempting to date them. And yes, a good portion of these men are married looking to fool around on their wife. Why they just don’t phone a call girl is beyond me. It is discreet and you get the job done fast. Perhaps too fast. None the less, why? Because they are C-H-E-A-P. Don’t be confused if some these married males are rich. The richest people in the world are usually very frugal. So, not only are you competing with single and divorced guys, you are competing with cheating male spouses.  But I get lucky once in a great while and get a date after appeasing the women for a period before she decides to date. I like to write poetry, and sometimes when I am in the right frame of mind and really like the woman, I will write her lots of poetry. I found such a woman and wrote her and she loved the poetry a lot. She agreed to see me on a date, we went for a simple meet me date, liked each other, and then, she would not respond to my messages. Or at least, the ratio was 3 to 4 to her one message. So I toned it down and only wrote her 1 to 2 messages and waited for her to respond, which took days. Now I was beginning to think she was not interested, but suddenly, she messaged and  agreed to go out on a second date. So we went for supper, and I paid, of course. Personally, I hate staring at the bill in expectation that the other person will grab it and pay. Because it becomes a stare down, she is looking in your eyes, then the bill, then back at you, and you are looking in her eyes, then the bill, then back in her eyes, and you know she is just waiting for you to “give in” and grab the bill. Meantime, the waiter is standing there thinking, “come on, one of you pick the dammed thing up! I have other tables, man.” I usually just grab the bill and pay the money. I mean really. By the time a woman reaches for the bill, the waiter will be asking, “who will wash and who dry?”

During this date, we talked about what both of us liked, and disliked and we seemed to hit off quite well. I even bought her a rose quartz medallion and she seemed to like it which thawed the ice quite nicely. She told me about this guy she was seeing and how he turned out to be married and how disappointed she was. She told me she was glad she found out and how she was also glad we were both unattached. I was very attracted to her and she was a great conversationalist. She said she was attracted to me as well, so everything was hitting on all cylinders. All until we left the restaurant. Like a magical door that led into reality. She allowed me to give her a kiss, but pulled away leaving it as a “quick peck”. She seemed to grow cold. I was not really worried about that and was happy anyway and said goodnight. As I drove home, we were texting sweet nothings to each other and it seemed very remarkable and promising.  The next day, I wrote her a nice text and she responded with a proposal for a 3rd date. I agreed and was really excited. She was just my type and intelligent. So what was not to get excited about? But, after that, no communication. Nothing. I sent her 2 probing texts, but other then that, waited. I got absolutely nothing. I waited almost 5 days, and all I got out of her is how sick her mother was and how she promised to help her friend with a clothing stand at a street sale. The weekend came and she cancelled the date telling me she promised her friend that she would go boating that weekend and will not be available at all. Thus the whole weekend, nota dammed thing. When Monday rolled along, I decided to send her a “goodbye” text. How I really liked her but felt she was not at all into this scenario and how I would like to just end it here and now. I left it as easy as possible. But she elected to text me back and ask me why I want to break it off and how she wanted to still date. So, like a dummy, I went for it and we planned a second 3rd date to go to the movies. I thought that I had this under control and that she must like me to pull me back after I gave her a way out. When we were at the show, I bought the tickets and was heading towards the theater. She stopped me and handed me a 20 dollar bill. I asked her why, and she said she wants to pay for the show. So I said “Thanks” and we went into the theater.  We were holding hands and stroking each other and I though we were on our way. She responded to my touch and felt like we may have a chance. But the moment we left the magical door of the theater, she refused to give me a kiss, saying there were too many people around. She did not strike me as a shy woman, but thought it was ok. We left in our respective vehicles, and we texted sweet nothings to each other that evening into the night. The next day, I sent her a nice text and was optimistic about our possible relationship. She did not text me back right away, but when she did, it was a “Dear John” text. How she wanted to cool it and see other people and remain friends, which I was sure she was seeing someone else anyway, most likely that married guy. Cool what down? We were not in that stage yet. And she further contradicts herself by saying she felt no spark in our interaction so she wants to cool it a bit? Huh? It was not heated, only in the incubation stage, and when she said that, I was done and told her I did not want to talk anymore. She kept texting me apologizing but I just ignored her. Finally I said if you ever change your mind, call me and we can date. I rarely do that. But I liked her a lot. However that was a sad end to a relationship that I knew was going N-O-W-H-E-R-E and was foiled by a cheating male spouse. Oh how I hope he gets caught and his wife takes him to the cleaners. Well, that is it, and possibly later, I will tell you about the last date I had with a overweight, bisexual, group sex attic female. But that is another story. Ciao for now!

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Halloween, Necrosis before the Lambent

Bleeds with Knives in Back

Many traitorous events play out everyday, and Halloween is the celebration of these events, whereby we feed irresistible treats to these goblins, to curb their appetite for despair and mayhem.  If you are not armed with some sort of sweets, even if no goblin visits, you may fall victim to the “trick”. However, that is only a symbolic meaning of this day and truly is just a pretentious reasoning to be “evil” for that day, if not everyday. Commercialism has its bite in this celebration of necrosis before the winter. The beginning of the season where nothing grows, or at least in the northern hemisphere. But every season is fair game for the corporate seductive mesmerizing. They will drive you insane with advertising every season, even the season of the “witch”. Just think back, if you are old enough, about the season of the witch series that the witch’s husband was an advertising executive, creating ads for those very important clients, every episode whilst his wife, the witch, tended to her home and community with witchcraft seemingly solving all the problems that arose, for approximately 20 minutes of the half hour time slot, with the remaining 10 minutes packed with advertising from the epitome’s sponsors. A double whammy of adverse-toxic corporate reasoning. We all reach back for that dagger that has been innocuously placed in our backs by our trusty team members in the work force, attempting to make themselves appear more sweeter and worthy then you are, trying to take your position or just eradicate the competition. This is a “taught behavior” endorsed by the media swill , learning institutions, community leaders and clergy that force-feed us all on a daily basis, if you open your mouth like a weaned, waning novice. The competitive dregs of the “legal remedial greedy gangster philosophy” that our politicians and luminaries practice on a daily basis while they all dress up as respectable government and community magnates.

Tricks or Deceives in Rucksack

We are all sure that none of this really matters as we continue on our brainwashed journey as if we have it all under control. The trick is played out as we are sure that our existence can be chosen and at anytime we can change our given course. We are under control. We have no say in what happens in our indoctrinated existences and will never realize the truth. The deceiver has our fates locked away and the longer we wait to abrasively break away, the worse our lives will become, bowing down to the 1 percent of society and their greed. We have lost this choice, somewhere in the 70’s or 80’s, becoming most prevalent in the 90’s and extremely obvious in the millennium, leading up to of course, 911, the worst catastrophe ever to be orchestrated and played out in Commercial Corporate North American history. It was evident then that the 1 percent of society and their “puppet governments”  had absolute control. So what are we doing now? We are living our programmed lives to only slave until we are dead. If you manage to accumulate any money and assets by the time of your demise, you would be one of the luckier people, however you will most likely never live long enough to enjoy it out of fear that if you spend your money, you will lose your security and legacies that you would like to pass on to your family.

Limps with Shackled Feet

We attempt to be unique and we are all truly individuals. That fact is obliterated every time we turn on the media, allowing the adverse captivation to think our thoughts and reaffirm our duties as serfs. We will toil endlessly until we are convinced mentally that we have finished our enslaved details for that day. Then we will kick back and watch more indoctrination to prepare us for another day of slavery. The schedule is planned out to purposely absorb all our free time, and will not allow you any innovational freedom. This innovation could be a book, or a invention, or a great recipe or anything that is creative and rewarding. Instead, we give away our time to the media that lies to us every day, convincing us we are doing the right thing by just sitting there getting mesmerized by their dung swilled drool. Can we break free? Yes, and it is easy. But we all fear ridicule and isolation, and the first hint of these emotions, we all back off and act normalized. What is normalized? Not going against the grain to do what you want that would allow your own freedom of expression. Why is this fact so invasive when we attempt to create? Because we have been brainwashed to think that if you are not making money from these silly creative outbursts, then it is not worth our time or energy.

Creates in Back of Mind

We are taught that only the truly talented or special of society deserve to create, and our only place would be to idolize these intellectual artists and  purchase their intellectual art representing their latest and greatest monetary sucking releases. How we are low and they are divine and if you were divine, you would most certainly not be where you are, thus accepting your plight of being a commoner and a slave. If you took one day of the week and did the total opposite of what was expected, you would crave that feeling again and again, You would strive to do more for yourself and shed the mold that has been casted over your true identity that you had lost during your indoctrinating scholastic years, where it all started convincing you that you are not an individual. You were conned that you are a cog on a gear with little or no purpose, only to keep the machine of oppression rolling along, devastating and raping everything in its path, all for profit benefiting the 1 percent of society. Are we still asleep? Yes, and we are in such a slumbered state of denial, that we will never be free because we cannot break the melded mold of conformity that encases our true and original existences. A reality that we are programmed never to see, but it is there. Just open your eyes.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Hipster, Factious, Epodic Sophism

Fop Conforming Jumpsuit by Caldwin Blind

We look to our Guru’s for guidance, but it is not there. Most of them have sold out to a better livelihood. We all succumb to the “pecuniary adjustment theorem”. That is how this ravenous system of capitalism survives. On our own greed. We have our “shimmering gurus”, “rebels without a maximum cost”, phoney personae’s grinning and posing, trying to steal the camera’s eye, whilst our own children get exploited on the streets of desperation.  This is the example our children are forced fed on a daily basis by our media, teachers, counselors, etc. The “chaotic clergy” of any given town, county, settlement, city, municipality, owned and formed into a greedy selfish corporation.  You can drive almost anywhere in the country, and find corporate owned farmers, whom once owned the farm, but now work for that corporation who comes to “skim the monetary cream” of their toils. Even if the farmer managed to form his own corporation to stay alive, it is still a corporation of self serving importance. Only to support their own spawned offspring. But to be fair, the ones that sold out to this greed, did not create this atmosphere, just step up and took what they could to survive. Does it still make it correct? No, it just makes it conforming. In schools, the agenda is clear. Conform and be a good little surf, and you will prosper? No, you will never prosper because of the “credit philosophy of debt”. Stay in debt until you are old and grey, or better yet, dead. They teach you how to obtain credit and sustain credit, because that is the only way you will prosper? No, because that is the only way they can control you and keep you enslaved. The invisible chains of bondage that hold you in your fop job, paying for your overpriced house, and deteriorating vehicle.

Unmistakable Rebel with a Ruble Slacks by Wannahella Disgrace

The family philosophy has been so twisted into “fop-hood-ism” to keep everyone in your family on the edge of “discontent”. Because, you as the father, or mother of this middle to lower classed family will struggle your whole life to provide the pecuniary crassness force fed by our brainwashing media to keep your son/daughter slightly to completely discontented for his/her entire teenage hood, depending on your level of available credit verses your income, to purchase the “covet level possessions” that your sons or daughters were brainwashed to allusively think they need to be “cool”. If you are a parent, you know exactly what feeling this is as you shop during the late summer, early fall to get your “teenagers” readied for another brainwashing school year. Schools have their agendas and most of the teachers and staff really do not have any time to truly discriminate what example this forum of education is really teaching our teenagers. It is a arena of dissipated hope, whereby all students have to follow a predicted “pecking order” that is necessary to produce slaves in our society, by sifting out the potential 1 percent of society, usually in a monetary mannerism promoted by the curriculum of the boorish tormented class structured enforcement. Class as in your parent’s income. Upper, middle, or lower. But that does not include the 1 percent that are in a class of their own. To become a Upper classed individual, you have to become “just like them”.  Does intellect have anything to do with this struggle? No, but it may cause some retaliation in the lines, but in the end, the “pecuniary adjustment theorem” wins. Because our streets are filled with homeless people with high IQ’s.

SS Imperial Revolting Swim Wear by Gorging-o Armedarmy

If anyone has any doubt of this reality, then you are living under a rock, or were home schooled. How do I know this? Because I went to these schools as a child and as a teenager and graduated. I had the rare advantage of a “nomad family” that were always moving me around, usually because of pecuniary reasons which allowed me to see many different schools in many different municipalities in commercial corporate North America. Every school is the same. Period. I would like to say there are some schools that were different, but that would be an optimistic lie. They have to brainwash you as a child because that is their greatest chance for it to “stick” to your brain throughout your lifetime. It has a 98% success rate and is why you grow up to be a fop living slave. Can you change this path? Yes, but you have to be willing to stand alone. Truly alone. I do not think there are many “self proclaimed” people out there that say they are alone and really understand what “alone’ really is when rejecting the brainwashing. Because, your friends and family will turn their back on you. This is implanted and a behavioral side affect that keeps the brainwashed free of the ones smart enough to break the programming. Most people run right back to their friends and family (friends mostly) in fear of social isolation. No one likes to be truly alone and it takes a vey strong individual to be truly alone. The power of abandonment is so intense that people that do get isolated, will pay people to keep them company.  They will actually borrow more money to pay some scheming person to make them feel they are not alone. Are all these isolated people  “breaking the program”? Not all of them, because that is a the “fatal flaw” associated with the recent brainwashing, interfering with the older brainwashing, sure to isolate people that are not with the current indoctrination. These are the soulless individuals that are the prime candidates recruit able for a revolutionary cause, like Nazism perhaps? Communism? which should never be confused with Marxism-Socialism. Why did I leave out Leninism? Because I am not convinced he was ever for the worker solely.

Bleeding Punched Face Feminine Business Wear by Cuckoo Channel

It is frightening how a revolution can happen overnight. It is something that is easy to orchestrate given the right greedy wealthy domineering individual to conceive. But that is what we are brainwashed to think could happen (fear) and that revolting is the only way to change things in a dominated society. That could not be further from the truth. We have to walk away from the so called status quo. That is, in a nut shell, all we have to do. Violence is a vast resource of a limited mind, and I believe one of those individuals has been elected President of the USA recently. Elected officials are usually polished people that make superb puppets, and fall guys, for the 1 percenters of society. Aggression and fighting is an outworn behavior that is dredged up for fear. To take things by force is a base tactic, and although it may succeed, it is never a permanent solution, and is a taught indoctrinated behavior to trap those on the edge of breaking the program who will lash out as predicted to be incarcerated and labelled, pushed into ambiguity until their hope and will is dissipated. What do you think gang violence is all about? What do you think social digression and  humility represent? Prostitution, drug cultures and alcoholism? Theft, Mafioso, exploitation, underworld? Perhaps there is a reason these are pushed as popular epitomic programming by the commercial owned media? These are preferred modes of behaviour if you reject serfdom-ism and attempt to retaliate, thinking you are rebelling. In truth, you will be doing exactly what you are indoctrinated to do so you can be easily found and labelled with the “star of corruption”.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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3-60’s Beatniks in Granny Boots

Spring-Summer-Fall Episode 3: Hippy Jail Break Bait?

In a bunked cell like holding room, sat Marsha on her bunk, a small cot like bed with a sole wool blanket and small white pillow with no pillow case. The wool blanket was sown into the mattress’s tough web belted polypropylene sides with a very strong silicon thread so that it could not be removed, only opened on one side so one could climb under the blanket, It was lined with a water resistive material, cold to the touch. Mary was on her bunk, stretched out laying and dozing. The door was solid steel with a small glass window meshed with thin steel screen. The room itself was very pink in color, the floor concrete with no other windows. In the hall outside the cell, some yelling was heard in the distance, coming closer to the cell. In the hall, Sara was yelling and kicking while two soldiers were carrying her, one holding her upper body, and another holding her feet, struggling to keep hold of her to put her in the cell room where Mary and Marsha were detained. The soldiers carrying Sara were being led by Patti with a large smirk on her face. “You know Sara, you could make it easier on your self if you just would cooperate. Did you really think Mark would be the one to put you in this cell and tuck you in? You are a political prisoner, and your Miranda rights mean squat here.” said Patti satirically while she unlocked the cell and opened the door. “Don’t tell me Patti? Mark is your boss now? I thought you were equal rank? Must be that Cajun inbreeding causing you to be inferior to the male of the species. Or was it because you majored in Barefoot and Pregnant 101 during your Cajun colleges years?” said Sara trying to get under Patti’s skin again while the soldiers entered the cell dropping Sara on her bunk. Patti quickly removed her gun from her holster and pointed it directly at Sara’s head. “Say one more word Sara! I will send you to 60’s heaven!” said Patti gritting her teeth. One of the other soldiers grabbed the gun from Patti’s hand quickly and de-cocked the trigger. “In here, you cannot remove your weapon. Only we can. Now stand down and holster your weapon or we will have to check your weapon next time you come in here.” warned the soldier. Patti grabbed the weapon back and reluctantly holstered her gun. “You really think you are smart don’t you Sara? Well we will see how smart you are when you all spend 20 to life in the girls club!” scowled Patti as she headed towards the door. “Must be that Cajun inbreeding. See how fast she did what she was commanded by that lower ranked, male? Be sure you run and cook up some chicken and grits for Mark now! Hurry!” said Sara in retaliation, now standing and folding her arms. Mary was still dozing, Marsha was giggling, as the two soldiers chuckled. Patti froze in her tracks at the threshold of the door, with her hand on her holstered gun, but removed her hand and walked out of the cell followed by the two soldiers where one stopped to close the door. “Please lock this place down with camera surveillance and secure the alarms, then you are both relieved.” commanded Patti while locking the cell door with the key then storming out of the holding area. “Yes sir.” said both the soldiers in unison.

Later that night, Mary was sleeping soundly in the same position, Marsha was undressed to her under garments and top, neatly tucked under the blanket sleeping soundly. Sara was laying on the bed staring at the ceiling. It was dark in the cell being controlled with automated lighting, now being off, excepted for the little light filtering into the cell from the small glass window on the cell door. Then the hall light went out, making it pitch black in the holding cell. Sara heard the transformer humming that was slight and constant  whir down to silence. Outside the cell, where it was now pitch black, was a slight scuffle. A person was crawling on all fours with a black ninja type suit and wearing night goggles. Once at the door, the person, who was still on all fours, removed a key loop with the key to the cell readied. Slowly and quietly, the person inserted the key and unlocked the cell door. The door opened very slow and the person with the night goggles, now crouched on their feet, crept into the cell, heading towards Sara’s bunk. Once the person with the night goggles noticed that Sara’s bunk was empty, Sara jumped from behind and grabbed the person around the neck in a full nelson. The person tried to shake Sara off but Sara had a firm grip. Mary, who was awoken from the scuffle, felt her way towards the noise and randomly grabbed on the person’s night goggles and wrenched them off amidst the struggle and fell backwards with the goggles in her hands. While the intruder was still trying to shake Sara from her back, curiously, Mary put the goggles on. Now that Mary could see clearly in the dark, she seen Sara still on the back of the intruder. Mary also noticed the intruder was attempting to remove the gun from their holster. Mary quickly ran over and grabbed the gun from the holster and yelled “Freeze!” The person now realizing the gun was removed from the holster, stopped trying to buck Sara from their back. Sara slowly released her grip from the intruder’s neck. “Mary, be careful with that gun,” said Sara not moving. Don’t worry Sara, I see you perfectly with these weird goggles. There is a flash light on her belt!” said Mary still holding the gun pointed at the intruder. “She?” said Sara as she felt around the intruders midsection, finding the flashlight, removing it, then turning it on to shine it in the intruders face. “Well, well, what a surprise. Miss Born on the Bayou returns for some revenge perhaps?” said Sara chuckling. “Mary, just place the weapon on the floor and I will note that you were cooperative while Sara attempted to escape the facility.” cautioned Patti staring at the weapon. “No no, Mary, just hold that gun on her just like you are. You are not going anywhere Patti. Take off your belt Patti or Mary will use you as target practice. Now!” commanded Sara in a serious tone. Patti reluctantly complied and Sara grabbed the belt from her hands, removing the holster and other gadgets and cases. “Put your hands behind your back Patti!” commanded Sara. By this time, Marsha was waking up, sitting on the edge of her cot rubbing her eyes. “Come on Sara. Let me go and I will recommend..” said Patti getting cut off by Sara. “Don’t move and put your hands behind your back now!” commanded Sara very seriously as Mary continued to hold the gun pointed at Patti. Patti crossed her arms behind her back, and Sara securely bound Patti’s hands behind her back. Then Sara grabbed Patti by the back of her neck and pushed her onto Mary’s cot. “What is going on, why are you making so much noise? Why is Patti here? Is it breakfast?” asked Marsha dressing in her clothes. “My Marsha, clueless as always.” commented Sara, as she looked through the access cards and keys taken from Patti. “Well Miss Virginia, looks like you disabled all the security in the building. Now it is time for you to lead us to our stuff and our van. If you do that, we will let you go and you can make up whatever fantasy you want? Got it?” said Sara as Marsha stuffed one of her nylon stockings in Patti’s mouth. Patti shook her head in compliance.

Once Patti led the 3 60’s Beatniks in Granny Boots through the hall, out of the holding area, into the interrogation and evidence area of the facility, while Mary still holding the gun on Patti, they came to the door that read “Evidence, Restricted. Authorized Personnel only”. “Well, looks like your clearance will not get us into this room.” said Sara, looking again at the keys. Noticing that the power was on the access portions of the doors in this area, Sara started to look through the access cards she took from Patti. “Oh, who is that cute guy? Looks like Mark. I guess he does out rank you honey.” said Sara as she opened the evidence door then pushing Patti into the room. The 3-60’s Beatniks in Granny Boots peered into the flashlight lit evidence room through circular rose shaded glasses. “Point out our boxes Miss Swamp Puddle!?” commanded Sara as she pushed Patti further into the room. Patti walked towards the area with the boxes. Mary still held the gun on Patti as Sara and Marsha grabbed their stuff out of the boxes. Sara carefully looked for the pill bottle with the Timothy Geary pills. “All right girls, all set. Found our ticket home.” said Sara shaking the bottle, then placing it in her bra. “Safe once again, where no man would be tempted to go!” said Marsha as she and Mary giggled. “Grab Mary’s box Miss Simpleton and lead on to our van Swamp Girl!” commanded Sara. Patti led them back to the cell area. As they closed that access door, the lights came on in the interrogation and evidence area. “Power on interlock restored. Have 180 seconds until building lock down and full power and surveillance restored.” as heard through the intercom with the cell area remaining powerless. Patti led them to a door that accessed the fenced in compound. Sara found the key and quickly opened the door and pushed Patti out in the vehicle holding compound. “Where are the keys to the Van?” asked Mary still pointing the gun as they all headed towards the VW Van led by Patti being pushed ahead by Sara. “Who cares, we do not need them where we are going.” said Sara as they approached the VW Van. Sara found that the doors were unlocked on the Van and opened the rear door and pushed Patti into the van, closing the door. “Lets go Girls.” said Sara heading for the driver’s seat. Just then, sirens sounded and the building came on full alert and lock down. The compound also started flashing warning lights and became locked down as well. Once they were all in the VW van, Sara pulled out the pill bottle from her bra and fished out 3 tabs. She gave both Marsha and Mary their tabs and they both placed the tabs on their tongues then swallowed. Sara placed her tab on her tongue and swallowed. “Looks like Patti wants to say something.” said Marsha as she pulled the nylon stocking from her mouth whilst armoured vehicles and personnel stormed the building, inside and out. “You said you would let me go, let me go, please Sara. I will put in a good word for you. Please let me go. They will shoot first and ask questions later, unless I stop them for you.” said Patti frantically looking at the guards running into the compound area from the building.  “Well, that is a nice offer honey, but I am afraid it is too late! Hold on.” said Sara as the van started to spin, slowly as the bright lights from the compound, surveillance warnings, and flood lights started to refract and infract in all directions as the van spun faster and faster, lifting off the ground. Patti finally got her hands free from the loosened belt and was clutching on to anything to hold on but felt something cold, soft and squishy. As she glanced to see where her hand was, she found she was clutching Sara’s enhanced breast on her silicone doll replica. She let go immediately as the van’s spin accelerated to light speed, ascending  and disappearing into the clear starlit sky. The soldiers that were approaching the VW van were now all standing and watching in amazement. Some of the soldiers got a few shots of the phenomenon with their smart phones, mainly Rhonda. Mark who was amongst the soldiers was standing there in awe scratching his head.

To be continued, in a melded militant, 60ish quorum or another…

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Drunk and Drunkard

Episode 1: Diluted Intellectual Clause-et Residual

Her day consists of a routine, rise out of bed at an early hour, to get ready to walk to work, while her lazy, decadent so-called, lover lays in bed half asleep, the remedial sponge, that is leeching off her incomes, from work, and her monthly spousal income from her not so recent separation from her husband. Her lover has no clue other then to sponge and soak in exchange for sexual favors so as not to have to look for a job, which would certainly be the furthest priority that would filter through the lecherous IQ of the booze soaked brain that occupies the waste of skin’s skull. She applies her makeup in a well rehearsed fashion, with her clothes all organized from the previous evening, before she started to inebriate her liver and destroy her brain cells with the consumed contents of the empty bottle of vodka, now resting on the middle of her small dining table, refracting the early autumn’s sun, shining through the opened blinds of the southern window. Thinking that she has it all together, and has no problems, other then her alcoholism, in which she views as a harmless vice to escape reality, and a release from the stresses of work, and her X-husband’s recent request to get a divorce, she continued her preparation to enter another workday. “Can you bring back supper tonight? I am not in the mood for cooking tonight.” requested the waste of skin, still lazing about in the bed. “You sit around the apartment all day, and never clean. The least you can do is cook, and smoke that crack somewhere else. If you don’t like it, leave. I don’t need to be supporting your lazy butt.” she said finishing her makeup. “Oh, so you want to go back to your X, right?” snapped the waste of skin, rolling over towards the edge of the bed. “At least he worked. What do you do? Nothing. You eat all my food and drink all my wine. So like I said, if you don’t like it, leave.” she continued, as she finished dressing, grabbing her purse and heading towards the door. “Clean this place up or leave! And have supper ready!” she commanded as she slammed the apartment door behind her. “Bitch!” said the waste of skin knowing she would not hear.

Walking to work, she was thinking about the conversation she had on Friday night with her X about him wanting a divorce. Her fear, she contemplated, was if she agreed to a mutual divorce, he may use that to stop the monthly payments. She also did not want him to know about her live-in spouse, that could be viewed as an income source she has not declared, not that her spouse brought in any money anyway. She was also warned by a legal friend, that if she changes her name back to her maiden name or otherwise, could forfeit the separation agreement. For now, she was satisfied that she bullied her X into believing she would not agree to the divorce unless he paid out the remainder of the monthly settlement to get this divorce.  She knew he wanted her back, but had no empathy towards this desire and put it out of her hung-over mind. In her view, she was much more satisfied with her female lover, even though she was a loser and a tramp, that was not good for much other then consumption and sexual activity. As she got closer to her workplace, she wondered how she would get to work in the winter, with her vehicle smashed up by her waste of skin lover. She had all the estimates, but found that she could not afford the cost. But she knew she had to bite the bullet and pay for the repairs. She also knew that her waste of skin lover would not ever get the keys again.

Back at the apartment, the waste of skin was talking on her cell phone. “Yeah, come on over. She went to work. We have a few hours. Ok, see you soon.” said the waste of skin as she ended the call. She turned on the radio and started dancing around, as she grabbed the bottle of wine from the fridge and poured a glass. She was in her underwear, white and black panties, which were more like a G-string, and matching bra. Her body was lean and hard, and rose tats on her stomach, shoulders and neck. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. She stopped dancing and placed her glass of wine on the coffee table, then went towards the door. “Jimmy?” she asked before opening the door. “Yeah.” answered a adolescent toned voice behind the door. She opened the door and she jumped up on him, straddling her thin shapely limbs around his waist, and her arms around his neck. They kissed passionately as Jimmy carried her through the threshold and kicked the door closed, then carried her into the bedroom, throwing her on the bed. He undressed quickly and they made love.

Later, they were both on the bed relaxing and smoking a cigarette. “So Tarla, did you talk the old bitch into a threesome yet?” asked Jimmy puffing on his smoke. “No, her X has been calling so it is not a great time to ask. I will though when the time is right and when she is drunk. But I think she hates men, so I do not know if she will go for it anyway.” said Tarla butting out her smoke. “They cancelled that credit card account that we used her X’s credit information to get. I tried to re-open it, but he must of found out and changed the information with Trans Union because I cannot use the card anymore.” said Jimmy as he held his smoke, resting his hand on his hairless chest. “That sucks. We are going to have to find another way to get money. Her credit is in the toilet so we would not get anything out of her, said Tarla as she got up and started to dress. “Jimmy just laid there and finished hos smoke. “Come on Jimmy. You have to leave. I have to clean up this place and plan supper. If we ever hope to con her to do a threesome, I have to butter her up. Once we have her into that, she will pay us both to keep our mouth shut, once we get us on video.” said Tarla with a devious grin. “Do I have to? She wont be back for hours.” said Jimmy not wanting to leave the bed. “Get out now!” demanded Tarla as she ripped the blanket off Jimmy’s naked body. Jimmy reluctantly got up, butted out his smoke, and got dressed. “May be you can come out and visit tonight? We could go to the bar and dance.” suggested Jimmy putting his shoes on in the hall by the door. “Not tonight. I have to start paying attention to her and get her back on track. She is ready to throw me out. So, I am staying in tonight, so go!” said Tarla as she pointed towards the door. Jimmy opened the door and swiftly stole a kiss from Tarla as he walked out the door. He turned around to look at her as she slammed the door in his face. “Tarla!” exclaimed Jimmy in protest behind the closed door.

To be continued, if the world lasts that long…

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Black Outpost of The Oblivion

Furthest from the sanity of your mind resides reality, a conception of aggressive will and greed. We all pretend it is not there, but we feed from it, and nurture  it everyday. We all wish it was different. That we could give into our inner thoughts of equality and generosity. But the more we try to be decent human beings, the more we get dragged back into the “outpost of oblivion”. This realm is one of our own creation. One of vanity and defamation. We defile others to the benefit of ourselves out of selfish greed and love of lavishness and opulence. As churches and places of spiritual worship crumble, we construct huge, glass, marble and metal cathedrals of distain and profit. No person actually resides in these habitats of greed because they were created for the worship of money and ravenous, where only demons of corruption dwell to be adorned as they feed off the weak and money hungry, the soulless shells of existence. These demons siphon out their souls and conquers their will to do the bidding of evil and wantonness.

We will never change. Because we have all failed to learn what we were placed on earth for in the first place. Do you think a “big bang” happened, and there you were, to a be greedy selfish fool? To be allowed to grasp everything in your reach and dominate others? Do you really think it is that simple? Well, I hope I am at the gates when you die because it ought to be comical. Which gates? I guess that is an easy one to contemplate seeing what we have done to this earth and others around us. But we can all rest assured it is not as easy as scientific analogies. When you die, you will have to have faith or burn. Burning has nothing to do with dying. Burning is eternal, like eternal light. You either rise to the light, or burn from its rays. You can say, religion does not recognize science. But it is the other way around. The church, one way or another , always believed in science, whether they called it witchcraft or earthly. It is science and the scientific community that has no belief in religion or spiritualism. They think it is tripe, unproved and superstition. It does not fit into their cookie-cutter, slide-rule formulae or thesis.

But wait, is that not why we were spawned on this earth in the first place? To learn from the elite’s boorish, narrow-ism and prudish epitomes of snobbery and greed? So we can all become, “just like them”, or at least wannabes, dregs to the possibility of wealth and plenty. Slaves. We have not learned anything and keep right on towards the damnation of these designing grifters of fortune. They have stolen your futures and your children’s futures. There is no hope other then the illusion of opulence because we are bound to it even though we will never attain this lifestyle in the true sense of the reality. We can just watch from a distance as your children starve and frolic in the streets of oppression. We have too much “instant knowledge” and we think we really understand what it means, but we have no clue, other then the surface understanding of what it may read or demonstrate. We can all learn the correct information, but lack of understanding and, not twisting or using this information for selfish purposes becomes impossible because of the abundant examples set forth in front of us on a daily basis by our so called mentors and teachers.

If we were indeed placed on this earth to do good will, we have failed so miserably that it is not a wonder why God has forsaken us to rot on this earth. Some believe that Armageddon has started some time ago and, we are all the misfortunate ones to suffer until death, then to be judged for the accumulative sins still left on the earth at the time of demise. I believe that there maybe many that want to change the earth, but because power and greed has taken its influence throughout the globe, there are really no populace left not corrupted by rapaciousness and destruction. So many questions about why God allows these hurtful events to happen on a daily basis. But it is the wealthy and elite of this lavish circle that directly causes these offences to multitudes and sometimes nations of people. God gave us free will, therefore cannot control the countless foolish greedy decisions made on a minute to minute basis by the truly ignorant. We are the only ones that can change this tide of destitution and dark nights of the soul.

Ever wonder why your husband left you alone? Or why your wife left you alone? Or why your child is begging on the street corner?  You sit alone waiting for your loved one to reach out for you but instead everyone concerned gets more hopelessness and waning. You cannot enjoy anything anymore and sit in a gloom of despair and loneliness, like caught in a web of deceit and hurt, in a dungeon of torture, where once happiness was in abundance. The essence of this desperate destruction is sweet to the grasping and treacherous, and they feed with glee until your last ounce of hope is sponged away by the intrusive injurious. Your heart beats hopeless rhythms  of despair, a march of the abandoned, a waltz of the slandered, encumbered and toiled, grounding into the earth, melded into the mud of apathy and hate. Once you emerge from the mud out of which your new existence has been incubated, your strength and determination will flourish, and your hope and empathy will blossom into ever luminesce shards of blistering light, for all the hopeless to follow. This is the blight that has enthralled upon your reborn path like divine inspiration from above. Judgement, true and lasting which in the end, separates the world into proper order. Until then, do not fear solitude, embrace it.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Jingoist Day 911

Theory of Relativity in a Vacuum

It is curious that search engines like droogle do not have a fancy logo or reference to Patriot Day. They do have a remembrance ribbon for September 11th however, if you go to It does not surprise me at all really. Because of the bull dung the “status quo” of North America is trying to ram down everyone’s throat about what “really” happened on September 11th, 2001. In truth, the so called leaders and 1 percent of society, or anyone else that benefited off the “twin towers card” of destruction would love to see it “go away”. Personally, I think there are a multitude of reasons that Patriot Day is now being shunned by the elite and greedy. Could it be because of the New World Odorous Order? Of course that would be it, yes. No need for patriotism when traitor-ism has become normalized as a standard practise and behavior. If you believe that terrorists were responsible for 911 than yes, you are very naïve. So much so that you would most likely be a salesperson’s dream as you came waltzing into their sales floor with a spotlight following you and a sign on your forehead that read “sucker”. 911 occurred because of traitors and rapaciousness. You may think that jumbo jets can cause that kind of systematic destruction, but that does not make it remotely true or even believable in the most illusionary of fantasies. But let us think for a moment. Ahh, yes, Einstein theorized that there is no gravity, really? Or sort of? Well, of course it has no wave length, so it cannot be real?   Theory of relativity? Everything is moving in a wobbling motion as they orbit around the sun and other planets due to the relative masses affecting or effecting each others motion? Thus a mass can effect other masses in motion but cannot effect an apple falling due to gravity on Newton’s head? Got it!

Sedition in a Vacuum

But we assume that Einstein’s theory disputes gravity rather then attempts to redefine what actually causes the phenomenon. Who cares really. If you paid attention in physics, you could figure out how long it would take for a building to fall to the ground while being demolished with demolition charged explosives. But hey, let us challenge established laws like Newton’s Law to accommodate the retarded, official 911 commission report. So many people died that day on 911, and so many people (traitors) that were responsible, were allowed to go free and live out their lives as if nothing happened. I am glad I was not one of those traitors because how could you live with what you avertedly or in-avertedly done?  I would venture there were a lot of people involved who had no clue what was really going to happen, or to what magnitude. Here is some money. Keep your mouth shut, or else!. Or else what? Indoctrinated futures of discredit-ion. A slow painful path to bankruptcy and destitution. People that dared to scrutinize what really happened felt that wrath depending on their influence and positions. Needless to say many of them lost those positions and credibility. That is the power of brainwashing and indoctrination especially where a gullible rapacious public is involved, watching indoctrinated news reports and publications. You know, the same publications that covered the Bruce Jenner story? If you are confused what story that was, well whatever.

Freedom of Speech in a Vacuum

Writers now are faced with indoctrinated peer pressure. Is it ok to be a patriot? Or write about a patriot? Is it ok to write about jingoism? Bellicosity? Or would that writer be labeled as a chauvinist? A feminist? A jingo promoting opprobriousness? Are writers that write what they are inspired just a bunch of jingoes? Or just problematic when it comes to rapacious pedagogy. Let us face the facts. If you cannot write what you want then freedom of the press, freedom of speech means nothing. It means you can write what you want as long as your “sponsors” like what you scrawled for their funneled version of the truth all in the name of their current ad campaign. Even fictitious writers seem to be influenced by this nonsense, if you really look at the movie line ups of the last 5 years. I do not think that one of the last 3 Oscar winning films held my attention for more then 5 minutes before I felt my mind being melded into ridiculous forms of twisted epitomic force-fed crassness. But nothing exceeds like excess and if you thought something was proper or improper? Think again because it all depends on the current advertising campaign and/or sponsor. What they want to sell, to convince the masses that they are the real power that should be adhered to, subliminally of course.

Enigmatic Mysteries in a Vacuum

Mini-Monarchs of our society are stealing your future legacies. They are solidifying their own futures at the expense of your dwindling, disappearing future, financially of course, guaranteeing that your offspring will be enslaved to be their servants, with no real self-worth or dignity, only what they are labeled to be as far as the 1 percenters are concerned, not they are concerned if you live or die, until they have to actually do their own work.  Then they may call an ambulance if you have the proper medical coverage, that they do not pay for, and as sure as your great grandfather’s 50 years of service gold pocket watch sits in the local pawn vendors safe in hock, they are making profit off the medical care you are about to receive, from overpaid medical staff, through the hospital’s administration lord, Amen. Patriot’s Day was the day that the Imperialistic scum in United States were vanquished and chased out of the United States’ economy and government. Patriot Day is an odd name for what happened in 911 because it had very little to do with being a patriot, seeing that it was truly a traitorous event. It was the most in-cohesive, inconsistent, incoherent, illegal resolve to a planned disaster ever to misfortunately occur on this planet. But then again, they pretty much got away with the assassination of JFK? Who are they? It is a big mystery wrapped in an enigma. If you believe that last line, well, there really is no hope for you. Sorry.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Macadamized Skidder Byway. The Chagrin of N.W.O.

Byway Robbery

No, it is not the New World Odorous Order. It is North Western Ontario.  Yes, our Trans Canada Highway. The Imperial Highway, you know the one highway that the Queen of England herself would never get “caught dead on” highway? Yes, that highway. North Western Ontario is like the “slum” of Ontario, very indicative if you look at our roads in this area. The Trans Canada Highway between Sault Sainte Marie and the Winnipeg border is the best example of taxation being siphon out, but never to return, not even to improve the grossly inadequate road system. Unless of course, if we all assist the Southern Ontario government, Federal government and greedy mineral and mining corporations in their mission to “bribe the aboriginal community” in this country to give up all their land rights so we can allow these greedy mineral mining companies to come on in and rape the vast resources available in North  Western Ontario. Then they may make a freeway that will lead directly to the US border. You know, United States of America? Where most of our natural resources get bought up, duty free because of flimsy NAFTA agreement, designed to tax the royal dung out of Canadians who purchase products made in foreign countries orchestrated by the greedy of this country and the commercial corporate North American conglomerates who happen to reside mostly in the United States of America, whom get our natural resources for cheap prices and duty free and make products to sell back to us so we can pay duty. That is of course if we are stupid enough to go to the US and buy the foreign manufactured products made with our natural resources. Of course we could just buy it for an inflated marked up price in Canada so we do not have to pay duty which in the end, results in the same or higher price range.

Is that a Safe Driver Refuge, Or a Snowplows’ Turnaround?

But anyone that is a Canadian knows this story all too well. The aboriginal of this country are not fooled by this either. They are being bullied and pushed, like they have been for the last 200 years by the rich and privileged in this country whom mostly reigned out of England. France too, but at least they were more interactive with the aboriginals and not a bunch of pansies with their nose in the air , shooting first and asking questions later to the ones that were misfortunate enough to survive and be dominated by the Monarch rule of Britain. What does this have to do with the Trans Canada Highway in N.W.O.? Dominance and greed. The two main common denominators of the 1 percent of society. So much so that they force people in the NWO communities to put up with paved skidder trails. I have heard all the arguments and all the justifications why this is so, like, “there is too much frost”, or, “there are too many mountains and rock cuts”, or, “we cannot find companies to work cheap enough to do the job’, and on and on and on until you are ready to hang yourself so you do not have to hear anymore excusive dribble oozing out of their lying corporate owned mouths. Highway 11/17 is garbage. If you have driven down this road, you know what a treacherous journey it can be, so much so, I feel more comfortable driving down the 401 in Southern Ontario during rush hour. But you may ask, why is this highway so treacherous? Because of the transport truck traffic on this route. It gets an average of 10 trucks per five minutes as you drive the opposite direction. That does not count the transport drivers riding your butt going in the same direction. These transports travel at 70 to 80 mph, except on the long upgrades where they slow down, almost to the speed limit. Accident after accident, death after death, spill after spill, toxic after toxic, all through NWO. Why? because we happen to be between Southern Ontario and Eastern Canada and Manitoba and Western Canada. Hell, they even want to bury toxic waste and used uranium in NWO because well, they think people in this area are retarded and wear all the same clothes. So we produce defective children anyway so what does a little contamination matter? If you think NWO is not a dead zone, well, it will be if the greedy and opulent of this country have their way. If you defend any of these inadequacies then you too are riding the “Death Transport of Greed”.

Maximum Menial-Patrol

What is the most disturbing is the fact that the main con-stream media in this area plays these accidents down to the point of ridicule. Ridicule in the sense that they all think we are inbred and remedial, thus we really do not comprehend what is going on. Death marker after death marker on this skidder trail of fatality, and that does not even include the animals that bite the dust on this highway every year. There are so many reasons why this road should be condemned that I myself have lost count. The disturbing part about the accidents on this highway is how the main con-stream media borderline cover up the true facts, and basically let them get buried and forgotten.  But people are losing their lives on this road because of the failures of agencies like the News,  OPP, MTO and the RCMP, which have never been useful. They will pull over a personal car speeding before they pull over a truck. The MTO is so understaffed, it is a wonder that they can catch anything. Or is this the idea? Fine the independents and keep the corporate dung lickers and their death trucks rolling with inexperienced drivers that are hired because, hey, they will work for minimum wage so they can eat.

Bashes to Crashes, Upper Crust to Monetary Lust

The enterprise of death. Trans Canada Highway in this area should be called the Trashed Ca-Not-da Hell-way, because if you have driven down this high way, with 5 transports coming towards you on their narrow oncoming lane, all within unsafe distance of each other, travelling 70 miles per hour, and you, being sandwiched between two transports, one in front, one in the rear, and garnished with another transport on your side going your way on the periodical double passing lane sections of this death zoned hell-way, you will know at that moment, you are at the mercy of God if you make it home alive. So what is the bottom line here? Huge profits and dividends, from not having to use the over-priced rail systems to transport products back and forth, which is more safe and efficient, however, everyone on the planet knows how greedy the railways and their opulent, upper-crusty owners are and always have been.  The 1 percenters that is, so take your shoes off, set a spell, because  you will be waiting 3 days for authorities to clean up the evidence before the main con-stream media gets there, allowed to take restricted pictures and write their “dictated, edited stories” so you’ll think nothing of any consequence happened here, but you all come back now, ya hear! And that ends another episode of “The Canadian Shillbillies”. Brought to you by; the Imperialistic Upper-crusty of CSTISFOPS “Ca-NOT-da shake these Imperialistic scum from our parliament system” Inc..

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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